Riding with Pets

Does anyone here do this?

Yesterday, a lady rode into my close with a Jack Russell (I think; I’m more of a cat girl) standing on her tank. I wish I’d seen them on the main road! And a while ago, I saw a chap riding down Bishopsgate with his dog’s head sticking out of a bag, that he was wearing on his front. The dog looked thrilled; it was bloody hilarious.

No real purpose to this thread really; I just think it’s way cool. Also, my boyfriend swears blind he’s seen pictures of a chap with a bike-riding cat, that even has its own helmet. I don’t believe him. Anybody know of this supercool feline?

yeah its true :smiley:

Haha, I love Sourpuss.

There you go :slight_smile:




any1 who does it on our main roads etc is a fucklng moron.

think in the case if was to get knocked off wot will happen to the dog and also in a legal matter are in you in total control of said dog etc.

One of the tank bag firms (think it’s Oxford) do a purpose-built dog carrier - for the smaller variety.

In Cyprus I saw one of the hairest guys riding along on his scooter with a massive iguana on his shoulder. I suppose something had to love him :smiley:


There’s a girl on a red scooter that parks off Kensington Church St that has a drilled top box which has a dog in it.

I ride with a pet page three girl stapled to my pillion seat.:slight_smile:

Those pics of the dog with the helmet are ace!

Now that really is cool. Did you get piccies?

Riding with pooches must be pretty common then, if there’s actually paraphernalia for them. I agree it probably is irresponsible, but it’s only a bit further up the scale from a dog on a car’s passenger seat, isn’t it?

Me too.

I tend to have a big fat monkey on the bike… oh wait, you said pillion! :cool:

Hi,a friend of mine tool his Jack Russel to the Ace Cafe,but he didn’t like the burgers there.




Haha, those last pics are AMAZING :cool:

hairy guys need love too :*-(


Pooch: ‘That’s how I roll.’

Anybody ever try to take a cat anywhere? I’d like to try with mine for a trip to the vet, but can’t imagine she’d be anything but terrified.

Amazing! I can just imagine it on Dragon’s Den…“I need 500k to produce a dog carrier for a motorbike” :smiley:

Is that a camera on the first dog’s helmet? Genius.