Riding to work 2moro

I wanna ride to work 2moro, whose with me snow or no snow?!


Im gonna play in the snow… SPEEDWAY TIME!!!

yep, unless i cant get the bike to the main road im ridding in! :smiley:

I remember trying to ‘get the bike to the main road where it was gritted’ one year. Nearly made it, until a van came up the street and I braked… the rest is a sad tale. Don’t do it, I beg you !! :D:D

brave brave people

(replace brave with crazy)


says the man that plays with fire :Whistling:

Fire melts snow… Maybe Pyro should lead the way?

Its ain’t gonna snow tommorow is it? well they ain’t forcast it for the morning as far as I can see…I deffo in for some snow…Gives me a reason to get the Raptor out…BINGO

You’re right, it’s tomorrow night according to Metcheck:

"Weather for Tomorrow in London

Location InformationSun InformationMoonToolsLat : 51.5NLon : 0.1WASL : 15mRise : 7:59 GMTSet : 15:51 GMT– Select – Print Forecast SMS Forecasts Weather Sticky Metric/Imperial Videos

DayFromUntilTempFeelsUVRainCloudDirSpeedGustWeatherWed 16 Dec0:002:59-3 °c-4 °c00.0 mm6 %2 mph2 mph3:005:59-3 °c-5 °c00.0 mm8 %3 mph4 mph6:008:59-3 °c-5 °c00.0 mm24 %5 mph6 mph9:0011:591 °c-3 °c00.1 mm53 %8 mph9 mph12:0014:592 °c-2 °c00.4 mm100 %8 mph9 mph15:0017:592 °c-2 °c00.6 mm99 %8 mph10 mph18:0020:591 °c-2 °c01.5 mm99 %6 mph8 mph21:0023:591 °c-2 °c03.0 mm100 %7 mph8 mph"

Looks great for waxing legs down at BM:w00t::w00t: