Riding to Cornwall

Can anyone recommend a good route / fun roads to ride down to Cornwall please? I need to get from Essex to Port Iassac / Padstow. Thanks in advance. 

I’ll be watching this one. Heading to Polzeath in a couple of weeks.

interested too… NT should be here any moment now…

How long have you got?

If you’re going down this weekend, bear in mind that it’s Glastonbury Festival so traffic will be chaos around there

I have all day - leave Thursday first thing after voting, and want to be there before it’s dark. Monkimark, thanks for the tip re festival. 

that’s 5.35 hours just by motorway! ouch. 

I’d be inclined to do something like this https://goo.gl/maps/Xmc34RQsMsm

I was in Cornwall last week and the A38 between Tideford (west of Plymouth) to Bodmin (central Cornwall) was filled with twisties and surrounded by lovely forest - i’d recommend that stretch of road out of experience for some fun

Watch out for the 50mph camera at the bottom of the hill near Notter Bridge (easy to get caught out there, bottom of a steep hill just before a nice  right and fast left up the hill to Landrake which is the last village before Tideford). The Glynn Valley is the twisty ‘forest’ road between Liskeard and Bodmin, was a 50 mph all the way but dont think there are any cameras yet - Google the ‘Torpoint Twisties’ as well :slight_smile:

Head off down to the A303, drop down onto the A30, stay on it through Salisbury, and onwards to and through Chard. Jump onto the A303 again past Honiton and pick up he M5 south to the A30 signed to Cornwall. Just after joining the A30 drop off the first slip, turn left at the round about, left and the next T junction and pick up the B3212 and head over Dartmoor.

That will eventually spit you out in Cornwall. Once over Dartmoor either drop down for the A38 or head North for the A30 again or continue on up to the North coast and turn left.

Check the out the roadworks on week nights on the Cornish part of the A30. Can’t remember than me of that bit.

Sit down with google maps and looks for these roads, mostly nice A roads. Best thing at this time of year is stay off what look like they might be main tourist way in/ out of Cornwall. Just take it easy if you are not used to the Devon and Cornish hedges with bits of granite hiding behind the undergrowth.

A303 is a popular route for Glastonbury traffic, I’ve spent many years sat on that road on the way in/out.

Yep, pretty tedious purely due to traffic the A303. Ok early mornings, but wouldn’t really bother at this time of year. The A4 is OK heading west just drop down at some point. All depends if you want to rush to the destination it M4- M5 or have the travel to the destination as interesting and rideable as possibly I guess but slower time wise.

Assuming you want to get there fairly rapid I’d take a 50:50 route of the M4 and A39.

M4 to Leigh Delamere Services,  junction 18. Pick up and follow the A39 via Corston, Glastonbury, Bridgewater and Williton.

A little detour just past Williton, peel off the A39 at Dragons Cross (sign posted Old Cleeve) take the first left and there is a not to be missed ‘suitable for all’ fording opportunity at Bilbrook. Once through the ford you’re back onto the A39, chuck a right and on your way.

The A39 then runs across the top edge of Exmoor National Park through Porlock and over Porlock Hill with its 1 in 4 gradients and hair pin bends. At Lynton take the tourist route for more gradients and hair pins of Contisbury Hill. Then keep on the  A39, some Sat Navs will take you round the A399 and A361 to Barnstaple missing out on the gradients and hair pins of Winsford Hill.

Continue on the A39 past Barnstaple and around the Atlantic coastline to the disappointingly named Camelford where they have much slate and cheese but no camels and no fords that I know of.