Riding Schools In/Around Islington

A friend wants to do her CBT and DAS and lives in the Islington area, any recommendations on riding schools in that area?

a2zridertraining.com islington based

Eastside Riders. Hackney based so only a few minutes from Islington. Very professional. Mark and Lianne are excellent instructors. And their kit is top stuff too. I think they get new bikes in every year or something. Cant reccommend enough.

Good luck!

+1 for Eastside Riders. I was living in Camden at the time i did mine and they are not too far away. Mark and Lianne were fantastic and i’d highly recommend them.


hehe… when I saw this topic heading I thought- better reply and recommend Eastside Riders… but see its already been done – twice!!

seriously – worth a slight bus ride to head out to Mark and Lianne.

I often see them in my hood having lunch with their students.

You could not get a better driving school to learn how to negotiate london traffic than Eastside.