Riding Pants - Options?

I currently have a glaring weakness in my protective gear in that I ride in jeans everywhere I go…I have a quality helmet, gauntlets, boots and a leather jacket with body armor…

I’d really like to get a quality pair of protective pants that are also practical. (I spend the majority of my time “street” riding and don’t view knee sliders and such as a necessity for this type of riding :p) I would prefer leather parts over something like kevlar lined jeans.

Anyone have any suggestions?

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As I mentioned in my prior post, I am interested in leather pants, not kevlar lined jeans.

I was hoping to hear from people who have “casual” leather riding pants (ie, no knee sliders)…what luck have they had with the various brands? Which “make” in each brand have they had success with?


KSGregman, I have one of those! It’s a daineses touring model, no knee sliders but chin protector and knee protector. It does zip together with any Dainese jacket! I bought it back in 1999. Did over 40000 miles touring Europe on it and they are still very good! I paid for it just a bit over 200 quid, maybe it’s cheapper nowadays.

They guy on the left is my brother, who came from brazil just to tour Europe by bike, him also have a Dainese touring trousers. As you can see his doesnt have the knee protector. It’s up to you. both are really good! I recommend!

I like the trousers Cezar, but the jacket? Man, that’s some outcast from the 80’s man, come on! Hehehehehe…

lol ! That’s called Dainese Rocket Jay, and that was a match to my beloved Fireblade if you couldn’t see!

Just buy the trousers that match your jacket - 'tis leather isn’t it? Then detach the sliders and hey presto!

Or am I missing something?

Last I looked Alpinestars do ‘road leather’ trousers and their stuff usually hits the mark style-wise.

I agree with andrew&7…but in your post you said you wanted ‘practical’…leather trousers are not warm or waterproof in winter…and too hot in summer, but you want leather…

Easiest thing pop into your local store and have a good look around…if you want ‘practical’ dont buy leather, but cordura style trousers…looser cut so they are comfortable, they will keep you warm and dry in winter and should have a removable thermal lining for summer use

If you want leather then buy leather…but dont write off kevlar jeans…i’d rather do a track day in kevlar jeans than some leather trousers out there!! (Frank Thomas with their 80’s inspired armour springs to mind

DONT even think of buying ‘fashion’ leather jeans instead of kevlar jeans though…thats just being silly

hi can someone tell me what i need to have to try a trackday i want to have a go with lessons

Hey my Frank Thomas leather trousers held up quite well during my little low side, there not the best looking leathers in the world but the do fit well and are quite nice to wear all year round surprsingly. The do have knee sliders though so its probably not what your looking for KSGregman.

wolfeyes, I’m sure you’ve got the answer to your question by now, but if not. You need pants and jacket that zip together either leather or fabric with a full zip or a one piece suit. If your looking to go to a race school rather than a track day, then the race school will probably hire all the kit you need, if you haven’t got it.

a new company exporting to the UK called JOFAMA has some really nice plain leather jeans you can insert protection into them and they even come with a removable waterproof lining the kit is fantastically made, is not silly money and they do some nice textile stuff as well.

website is www.jofama.se