Riding over/onto a 7 inch high step

Ohai thar,

I’ve just scored me an uber private parking spot for me bike in a part of our building where I work, behind alarmed doors :w00t:

However the entrance has a 7 inch high step, and the pavement as well to get on.

Would that be problematic riding onto it, e.g. could it damage the wheels? Have to see otherwise regarding pushing it onto it, but might prove too high for a push?

Thats quite high. You could batter your tyres/wheels if you hit it too hard. Pushing the bike up that height daily is asking for trouble too!

Lay a ~3.5" plank across it and ride up slowly.


was thinking that too that it may not be good for the tyres/wheels, hence enquiring.

Will get me one of those planks, think a place around Barbican has these things

depends on the bike too, whats your ground clearance like ? how stable will you be, can you get your feet down if something goes wrong half way up??

hope you find a way in , sounds lke a good secure spot:cool:

you know, the ground clearance didn’t occur to me at all :w00t:
Should be fine, I guess, it’s an FZS1000.

But I’ll opt for the plank method to be on the safe side :slight_smile:

The way down, i.e. out of the building, however should be no problem, or?

well good luck with it, slow and steady should do it !!

I’d use the plank up and down. But def check clearance on the way down I can clear a ~4inch step on the R6 going down just fine. But check when the suspension compresses esp on the way down.


top one

Where in London are you?

I’ve got a shed load of decent 6" x 2" off-cuts and left-overs from building my garage and can knock you up a decent 7" ramp with for free, but you’ll have to collect from SE London/Kent.

How long do you want the thing?

I’m from the opposite end of London, far north in Barnet, work time am in the City.

How long, no idea, whatever happens first, me changing the job, or the building being torn down in max. 2 years :w00t:

/edit slapped me:
how long, as in the length of it, I just realize… facepalm

Uhm, probably nothing too long, 15-20 inches max probably.

Cheers :slight_smile:

The offers on the table, just PM and give me 24 hours if you want to take it up. I can make it in easy, self assembly kit form so it will fit in a back pack if that helps.

(I’m in Chislehurst, about a mile or so off the A20, 11 or so miles from London Bridge.)

Aww how nice OldGuy - and nice to see you back, we missed you:)

PM sent :w00t:

Ah right, forgot to mention, backpack-easy would be great :slight_smile:

I have to do a similar step at my home, I just use a cut off from a 3" plank which I lay in front of the step so it kind of turns it into 2 smaller steps - goes up easy :slight_smile:

7" is only about the height of a kerb… You won’t need a plank and your wheels/bearings will be fine… just give it a little throttle and control the clutch… easy peasy.

Well done finding a secure spot in town too… :cool:

Throttle, clutch control and brakes is the way to go …

Pop a wheelie to get the front wheel over followed by a stoppie for the back wheel :wink:

And don’t forget the little 180 degree inverted backflip… just for show! :P;)

By then I have smashed both doors, seeing as it was originally an entrance to a bank branch, not a garage :w00t:

The kerb is lower, around 4-5 inch, which shouldn’t be too problematic. Apart from that, handling around with a ramp there mornings on Moorgate might be a bit madness, traffic wise :w00t:
Plus the kerb stone is a bit rounded, whereas the step is a rather sharp-ish 90 degree angle thingy :slight_smile:

Ah ha, your one of those… :Whistling:

Eh?? Err… OK… I admit it… i’m a kerb-mounter!!! :ermm: