Riding in the mud north of London - 28th Feb

There’s at least a few dirt bikes on here, anyone fancy a trip round the rather sedate lanes of Herts and maybe a bit of Essex or Bucks Sunday week?

I don’t know where I’m going yet, but it’s not likely to include anything too tricky. Probably starting at about South Mimms at 11ish. Anyone interested? 

Mmmhhh… Tell me more. Would it be suitable for a Ducati Scrambler, ridden by a middle-aged guy whose last experience of motocross/dirt bikes was 30 years ago? I think I can manage unpaved roads/green lanes (are there any in Herts?) but not more than that.

Mmmhhh…Tell me more. Would it be suitable for a ZX12, ridden by a pensioner, whose last  experience of off roading was 2 years ago on the Ridgeway? I think I can manage unpaved roads/green lanes, but ruts deeper than 9 inches would rip off my speed awareness wings.

Ruts deeper than nine inches? 

Well the Daytona would cope but the ZX would lodge sooner.

See below:




Er, it’ll be dirt or adventure bikes only, really. It’ll probably be mostly this sort of muddy rutting: 

If there’s demand for the sort of thing you can do on a road bike, I could do with putting the tiger in a ditch, too. Perhaps the saturday?

A couple of photos of some Herts lanes before Christmas.
I’d say fine for most road bikes :smiley:




I´ll give it a pass… Gav that is not a bike is a submarine

Yeah, we basically go for puddles in lieu of technical obstacles in Herts.

Once my bike has done a few runs and i can trust it won’t blow again i’d be up for that :slight_smile:

the problem with puddles is that you never know how deep they are until you get in… and the Scrambler Ducati has a low exhaust



maybe I’ll wait for drier weather then…

BTW why do they dig trenches to put lanes in, in Herts?

At the Primus, otherwise yes. PMd

I have an adventure bike! can I come?

maybe I'll wait for drier weather then... Sarddoc
defo wait till its less wet. plenty of lanes should be ok for your bike assuming you don't mind it getting muddy/dirty with a chance of dropping it. 

Hmmm following a bloke called Big Red down a country lane for some Muddy Rutting … i knew the Herts bunch were weird

I don’t mind getting muddy/wet, and as for dropping it has been deflowered already… after which I installed crash bobbins, so no problem. For the current situation, however, I would have to install these: https://www.facebook.com/SweetnDemented/videos/581762848644545/?hc_location=ufi 

Woo! I’m famous!