Riding In London (North London)

Feel free to join our newbie group!! We’re generally at the Ace wed/friday/sunday, We ride… White R1, Black GSX-R1000, White Speed triple, Yellow GSF600, Black GSF600, Maroon ZZR1100.

normally organised by sneakyMc, its a small ride from collier row to fincingfield in essex, great roads and good company, mainly supermoto riders but theres usually a fair mix with sportsbikes aswell.
its great your encourged to ride your own ride, its not a balls out mad run if ya get my meaning.

PM sneaky,have a look in the supermoto forum;)

i seriously lack confidence with numbers of people, i have made some good mates on LB, but when it comes to meeting a group of ya i bottle it!:pinch:

im sure you are all kool people, i might make the newbie night next monday, its possible, depends on work.

ah your quite far up, do you go ace aswell?

You should join in with the rest of us on a Friday at the Ace - no need to have a newbie group cos once you have joined us you aint a newbie ;):cool:

occasionally :wink:

i’m finchley/barnet/ south mimms area…

ah,i see not often then!?

Have you a mobile home? :DSorry, couldn’t resist :blush:

Alright then sounds interesting, when do these runs occur?

you never know where I will be next

I’m the master of disguise:cool:

Most of us joined LB alone and it’s only through finding the guts to turn up the first time will you begin to see familiar faces. It really isn’t that difficult so come along and meet us and stop making splinter groups - defeats the blimmin object.

What the Woolf said :wink:

We are the Judean Popular Peoples Front;):smiley:

And we will ride together against the infidels…


As long as I can use the car in the winter :smiley:

Whats wrong with your bike! :stuck_out_tongue:

His bike doesn’t have a roof and heaters, lol :smiley:

fairly often, mainly in summer! PM sneakyMc mate hes teh man!

true, very true, i know a few, should realy bite the bullet and come say hello!:smiley: