Riding In London (North London)

Quite Sad this really but i dont really have any mates who ride motorbikes at the moment so was wondering if there is anybody else that goes riding… I did have an SV650S Fully Faired untill some women reversed into it but now i have a hire bike which is a Honda VFR800… Its to heavy though lol… Anyway im 22 and as some people may not going for a ride is quality but on your own can get abit boring… I go up Ace Cafe sometimes if i take on of my mates on the back but even so when you no nobdy its not great.

Anyway Im from Northwest London. Anybody Fancy riding then just let me know Cheers.


Welcome to Londonbikers. Keep an eye on the “Ride outs, Meets and Events” section, there’s usually something going on.


The ride out and meets are good but everybody turns up with loads of mates and you cant just go hey bring me in on teh chat anyway… im pretty loud but im not that stupid! lol


loud and stupid. Give it time Dan, give it Dan.


We turn up alone but join in with the rest of the LBers :cool:Come to newbie nite at the Ace on Monday & then when you turn up at a rideout you will have ‘mates’ there :wink:

We all started as strangers at some point:)

Not many of us bite:D

Ok i didnt know there was a newbie night… While hopefully ill have a different bike to the VFR I got at the moment whilst me baby gets fixed… i normally go Ace on fridays if i do go… is mondays any good.


It is held once a month - just happens to be next Monday & of course its good its an LB meet :PClick this link to take you to the post all about it :smiley:http://londonbikers.com/forums/Topic254813-59-1.aspx

That’s not what i’ve heard. :wink:

O right Fair Enough… Next Monday it is then!!!.. I think im getting a SV650 back which is a shame as it will just bring back fond memorys of my SV650S Love it…

hey yah

i’m in a similar boat mate, i have only a few mates that ride, not all are about when i want to out, and im not good with big groups of people i dont know:ermm:
so feel free to come and say hello to a fellow SV rider if you see me at ace! or come out on a breakfast run;)

Heya Dan i’m in the same boat as you, got mates who talk about getting a bike but they are all mouth and no action. I’m in the Watford area and came on here looking to meet up with a few local people for rides. So PM if you want to arrange something.

hey dude, Im riding an essveesixfifty too at the mo ;0 and i ride through norf landan all the time (live in Herts)…

Hey powerpuffgirl that wouldn’t happen to be a blue greeny turquoise SV and you with black leathers?

nopeski - red one with black leathers tho at the mo i am in blue and black cordura :wink: plus I dont do the A41 or M1 - just the A1 :slight_smile:

your in herts? whereabouts? you should come on the breakfats run!we go through that way, i’ll have another SV to go with then!:smiley: i often ride through nazeing and broxbourne etc

What are the breakfast runs? Sounds like a bad case of curry and beer the following morning :hehe:

im not good with big groups of people i dont know

In all honesty, I doubt whether many people are but be assured you won’t be overwhelmed by London bikers.

I choose to stay on the fringes a bit, not least because of my ride and my deep involvement in another riders’ group, but I always feel welcome, never left out and comfortable in the company.

People will be pleased to see you…really.:smiley:

break-fats runs sound more truthful :wink: love greasy spoons :wink:

live in knebworth, so north of that but will try and make the Herts meet at some point :hehe:

Hey Puff… Yeh PM me and let me know where you go riding… im up for meeting up at least ill know somebody that rides!