Riding in London - danger/close call/crash compilation

If that’s the same person he needs to give up bikes, he had more close calls in that 3 minute video than I’ve had in 14 years of riding bikes!! It’s not gonna be long for that poor fuker

Some bad driving there.
Some pretty poor riding too.

Proper pïss poor driving, riding and walking skills all round there.

^ what he said!

Plus it doesn’t seem like he looks forward in traffic and see’s what’s going on before it become a bad situation.

The fact he drove off still attached to a lamp post at the start was enough to make me realise he was a bit dim

Mate, it´s a recap…

Hahaha I watch this guys videos all the time.

90% of those accidents/close calls were because he didn’t think a head or look around him.

What a massive twat.

it’s amazing the number of people who just keep going when the situation turns bad rather than stopping or slowing…

There’s no point in being dead right.

Pin for the win.

These are all errors we’ve all made, and from time to time still do. More/better training would reduce this…