riding in france

how not to ride in france!!!


hope no one will do this in france!!!


and lucky… - it didn’t result in a fatal.

+1 with Darrylj.

Easily done I suppose.

Intelligence wasn’t on the checklist for that journey it seems, ouch.

they need a sign to remind them to ride on the right


Tw^t, can’t beat vision through a corner, shame it was rock! An advanced riding course is required me thinks.


I feel sorry for the bike, for haveing a twat rider.

Saw this one a while back, very easily done riding on the wrong side of the road - esp when leaving a petrol station in the middle of nowhere. One of the guys I went to France with last year very nearly had the same happpen… he was tanking along middle of no where and forgot what side to ride on - luckily the oncoming car avoided him by going the wrong side himself.

yep easily done, on the first lb france trip i can remember a certain gingerish person going the wrong way round a roundabout just after we got off the train!

Gotta love Darwin lol

FWIW, I find the hardest part is remembering to ride on the LEFT when arriving back in the UK!

I’ve made a couple of WSOTR mistakes over several trips abroad but have definitely had to concentrate to revert to the right side.

I was gonna say…that wasn’t unlucky…did he forget he was in France…or believe that he truly could drive through traffic…literally?


I’ve filmed so many accident scenes involving idiots on the wrong side of the road, it never fails to make me think that its a good thing to clean up the gene pool of these iditos, but the trouble is, its usually the innocent and unaware people in the lane going the right way that get hurt.