Riding in bus lanes

I was riding down the Marylebone road down the bus lane the other morning and the old bill gave me a £30 fine.
I thought it was legal to ride a motorbike down the bus lanes…anybody no what the score is?

It isnt legal in 99% places in london…

As u enter the bus lane should have a blue sign giving timing restrictions and whats allowed in the bus lane. In london usually cycle taxi and bus, however in places such as bristol motorbike is also shown

Sorry 2 hear about ure ticket

Unfortunately it’s not legal to ride on Bus lanes. There’s a bit of confusion though as there are some Bus lines that you are alowed to ride but it’s in on a experimental mode and you have to be aware to read the traffic signs as it can change.

you can get more info here:



Cheers guy’s for the info, next time i will need to be more aware!!..********.

Just had a look on the TFL we site and they said that although they are looking into motorcycles in bus lane,there are concerns regarding the saftey of cyclists.
I dont know about you, but i would rather a motorbike pass me on the bus lane than a bloody double decker bus!!! what a joke!

You said it all! lol

count yourself lucky you didn’t get caught by a council camera, coz that would have been £50 (or £100 if paid after 2 weeks)

Mrgee… That bad luck getting done like that… How you doing man… Your due a night out… catch up soon…

i’ve got a nice picture to post soon of me in a bus lane that cost £50 !

If you got a £30 fine you got off light. Fines from cameras are £100 or £50 in 14 days.

Bus lanes are NOT for motorbike use, with the single exception being the one on the M4 into London in the condition you ahve your lights on.

Other than that check the blue signs for when any road user can use it… Me I know I shouldn’t have been in there and got caught. Ba$tard camera

Motorbikes can also use part of Commercial Road/A13 towards Blackwall (Eastbound), or atleast they used to be able to as part of the trials that never resulted in anything!

Danger to bicycles, what a joke! That just shows more hatred towards bikes - hmm whats more dangerous a bike or a DD bus???

in twickenham the bus lane that’s over the bridge away from the stadium is open to bikers on a trial / experimental basis

Hi foxy, your right i am due a night out!!..you gu’ys are right, i think i’m lucky getting a small fine. Lucky it was a copper and not a camera!

Why bikes can’t use bus lanes apart from a few is beond me?

I know, it would make so much sense… I use the one on the M4 quite a lot… Hopefully catch up with you real soon…