riding boots in large sizes?

Hey all

wonder if anyone can share some info on where i might be able to get hold of some boots in a rather large uk 14/15?

what brands should i look out for?

thanks for any help

14/15? That’s big… Not sure if I have ever heard of a proper race boot in this size… Good luck mate, that’s a very good question and I bet some other people out there would like to hear the answer for that too.

Anyway, welcome to LB!

Try Daytona Boots, they cater for big and small feet and short arses like me too…

This should fit



J & S in watford have some large size boots, if not get in touch with babyj at inifinity motorcycles.

helpful as ever … PMSL MM, you done it again…

you could try the fire brigade. they are looking for someone with big feet to stamp out forest fires…

I got a sweet set of oxtar boots in a size 14 from j and s in watford.

I got a pair of £600 Daytonas for £160 from ebay in size 12, now I wouldnt wear anythong else - even if I had to pay the full price…they [Daytonas] go up to full coco the clown size too…

I can definitely recommend the Daytonas, I just picked up a pair of size 14 Voyager GTX from Infinity. Very comfy, and Goretex lined too. Big thing for me was that they’re wide, most boots I tried on before were way too narrow.

thanks guys

i spoke to j and s who said that they can sort me out in the larger size oxtars, so think i will get a pair of those!

btw to the guys taking the mick, its just coz you know the ladies love the guys with the big feet


Pray tell why?