Riding Attire

So just curious…is it weird to ride around or even just commute in track gear? One or two pieces, sliders etc. I tend to wear more ‘casual’ leathers when commuting but lately theyre looking worse for wear (and in some areas not very safe) my alternative is my track style leathers with sliders. 

Will I look like an absolute bell end commuting in such attire, or will it be ok since nothing can be worse than squidding?

It doesn’t seem uncommon to commute in ‘proper’ leathers, though it’s probably a bit chilly this time of year.

I have warm undergarments :smiley: But I don’t have much other choice, so long as I don’t come across as a pillock then I’m happy

as long as you use the sliders - I don’t see any issue :wink: … I often think ‘crazy’ when looking at what people are wearing to ride bikes, but wouldn’t if it was a race suit

Looking like a power ranger is always always always in fashion, regardless. More track gear please. 

If warm and dry - one piece leathers (with sliders)

If chilly and dry - one piece leathers (with sliders) and thermal wind base layer (Top and Bottom) OR Textile trousers and jacket

If wet - Textile trousers and jacket

At all times … Spidi Airbag 

Wearing leathers for me is more about the fact I have a 40 mile 70+mph section each way


come across as a pillock??? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…;o)

Summer leathers 

Anything below 12 degrees it’s leather trousers and textile jacket 

Anything colder than 5 degrees it textiles all round 

Anything below 0 it’s the above with thermal base layers 

i wear textiles to commute and 1 piece to play 

But if my textiles were not available I wouldnt hesitate to commute in full race leathers with sliders. Would rather wear the gear and not need it than think I looked silly and actually end up needing it

This ^^

I prefer leathers over textiles as they feel more comfortable for me in the past but I currently only have leathers (and have been caught out in the wet a few times)

Ha Toony…I was referring to looking like a pillock in my gear choice, not riding style :stuck_out_tongue:

As for sliders…mine are pristine unfortunately :( 

no comment!!!

As long as your bum doesn’t look too big in them …

Sounds like you need to get that one piece on and get down on your knees! 

its HUGE unfortunatley

Get yourself a rain coat that is 2 or 3 sizes too big and then when it rains it can go over the leathers, you can get decent bike waterproof jackets for £20, mine is by buffalo and folds into its own pocket and fits into the waterproof compartment at the bottom of my rucksack 

ruth, I’ll get you getting your knee down in no time next time we do the Ron Haslam day, its all about body position and nothing to do with how low the bike is. Or you can have my sliders now I don’t need them! Lol

I did have a lined one piece which was big enough to get over my textiles or leathers

Getting a onepecie dry as opposed to two piece textiles is a dam lot easier 

Unfortunaly my son has started to work in London do I gave them to him 

I know only have an unlined onepecie 

Huge arse Toony?? You sure it wasnt Sam you were behind?? :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll just get some sand paper and sort them out lol. And Sam, I’d really love to be able to, I’ve told a few times about body position but far too often I bottle it and only get my bum off the seat slightly. I also find when I’m doing that, I’m gripping the handlebars which is WROOOONG :s

Don’t worry about looks, my textiles are falling to bits and I look like a courier with a nasty drug habit, but who cares.