riding an rc8 in front of bsb fans what a dream

I wish i could do this it would be the ultimate weekend

Ever wondered whether you have what it takes to race in front of the BSB crowd? Do you think you are good enough for a shot at the Super Cup? Now is the perfect opportunity to race at top flight National level, on TV with the best domestic series in the world! Affordable racing that could get you noticed and lead on to the next level?

Option One
Rent a “ready to race” RC8 for one weekend of the Super Cup, where you will work out of the KTM UK race track, this package includes:
ready to race 1190 RC8
Guidance from James Whitham
On hand technician
Race entries
TransponderCosts per weekend are:

Single race - £1295 +vat (round 3,6,13 and 14 only)
Double race - £1995 +vat (all other rounds)

I see your a dab hand at Copy & Paste :slight_smile:

Not sure i wholey agree with this.

As i see it you can pay nearly 2 grand and get to race with more experienced riders infront of a large crowd that will encourage faster riding thus more likely having the reverse effect and making you look like a moving chicane… I’m sure the regular racers in the series are well pleased at the possibility of being punted off by someone who has no knowledge or skill but has money…

For that money you could buy a race ready 600cc and go rookie racing for a few meetings. Surely this would be a safer option.

Surely any prospective rider would have to hold a National Race Licence?

youd think so, but no - clubman only needed - 10 racedays and youre there… you could come last doing 2 minute laps of brands indy and as long as you dont fall off for the ten days, you will have the right license.

if i had the money to do this and the licesnce i would have ago i wouldn’t care if i came last just seeing my wife and kids waving to me on the slow down lap in a race connected to bsb would to me be a dream come true . but at 42 years old nearly the chance of doing somthing like this is slowly drifting me by:)

I must admit, I thought it was national licence for that series, but powderpuff girl is usually right about these matters.

Having been 'round Brands in front of a full Sunday WSB crowd (in the late 90’s when everyone used to turn out) I can confirm it is a buzz.

However, if you did turn up to lap in 2 minutes you’d look a right wally!

It is def clubmans licence…like they can afford to be picky running another one make championship with a hand full of decent riders and the rest just making up the numbers. They don’t even stick to the qualifying maxima for these classes…well they didn’t last year anyway.

Can’t be fun for the guys to pay their money then get lapped after a few laps infront of so many people?? Plenty of club racing out there to build up to national level racing.

Did you sell all your ice creams then Pete?;):smiley:

Yes, my Mr Whippy with extra sauce was a big hit with the gurls.

Me too! :slight_smile:

This aint aimed at joe soap, i think its about ‘exposure’ …Similar to the R6 cup thing, look where tommy hill is?

If you put in a good performance at these races infront of the BSB team managers, sponsors, etc it may get you talking with the right people and open other doors… ?

My two peneth… :wink:

Pole time was just under 50 sec, not as quick as the supersport 600’s:w00t:

If you could get round in 51/52sec consistantly you would make the back row of the grid…

Looking at the Q times, one poor bloke paid his money and didn’t get to race.

actually we were there yesterday to watch the first RC8 race and there was one serioulsy slow bloke doing consistent high 56s laps whilst most of the others were doing 49s-52, that poor bloke got lapped within 5-6 laps

56 sec laps is pretty poor on an RC8 considering some of the 125 lads were doing 49 sec laps!!! :w00t:

They were lapping him within 2-3 :w00t: he looked like he was going backwards! Looked like a nuisance to me!

National championship riders on 125 vs new club racer on rc8

I would have beaten him on my superduke - but there’s a lot of people here who wouldn’t. I hope the bloke gets quicker with experience, it’s a lot of money to spend to be a early backmarker.

I remember hearing the fastest lap of the race was a 49.2 by the reigning champoin and championship leader he also was riding in the 1000cc superstock series and was midpack for that race.

certainly alot of money to spend but before doing something like that I would make sure i was capable of being at least 2-3 seconds off the front not nearly 8 seconds. At least the guy is doing it, at least he can look back and say he did it rather than saying what if.