Riding a bike you have bought.

Just wondering how it works to transport the bike you have just bought to your location without insurance?

Buying from a dealer … I think they all want to see insurance doc prior to you picking it up.

Mine did when I bought mine a month ago.

Mine didn’t just yesterday. I logged onto Ebike at the dealers and at the end, just said that I got it covered. I couldn’t print it off or anything, and they didn’t even want to see if on the screen. They’ll want a copy of the cover note so they can tax it, as this is included in the ‘on the road’ price.

My understanding is that you can’t ride the bike home without insurance, nor should you. Get the insurance sorted out first, or get it delivered in a van.

True to the above. If you get stopped or get into an accident you will be in very deep shite. Get insurance if you are going to ride.

fully agree do not ride without insurance the risk just is not worth it… and not just to get it home…

the dealer should be able to deliver it - if not, try MrVanMan 07979571465 they will pick up and deliver bikes…

I never could get the bike out of the shop before have it insured! Only wants after I have really promissed to the manager that I wouldn’t ride it up to monday on a friday he delivered it to my house on a van. I kept my promissed though. He trusted me as I bought 5 new bikes from him.

Ebike is the way forward fella. What you could do is set up a pay as you go 1 day insurance so that you can test ride with insurance (if it is a private sale) and then, if you decide to buy it, take it home still insured.

The following day you could either extend your pay as you go or start an annual policy.

Happy shopping.


If you know what type of bike you want you can get quotes before you start looking, then when you buy one you just have to call up the best place and spend 10 mins or so fixing it up. Can do this from the street or a nearby cafe/pub, etc

Ebike sounds good for test rides though…

An alternative to the above may be to find someone who has insurance to ride any bike and let them ride it home for you. Dunno if the dealer is allowed to let you have it unless the actual bike is insured though.

When I bought my new bike I was desperate to pick it up but I hadn’t received my cover note. After a lot of begging, I was allowed to ride away and send it to them in the post.

Get insured first; you have a few days, i.e. the dealer will tell you your registration before you take delivery of the bike, i.e. it’s been a week or two for me before, then you just insure it, get the cover-note, and drop it in a few days before you get the bike, so you can just ride out with tax, insurance and everythin, all done.

A dealer is under no obligation to check your insurance, legally if you say your insured that should be all they require, they cannot demand to see a certificate except when buying a new bike when they need your insurance certificate to get the bike registered.

If you’re not insured get it delivered but remember this means the bike cannot be parked on a public highway and in many cases it cannot be parked on private road that is open to the public as this makes it a right of way.

“A dealer is under no obligation to check your insurance, legally if you say your insured that should be all they require, they cannot demand to see a certificate except when buying a new bike when they need your insurance certificate to get the bike registered.”

OK, I bought my bike on Saturday, did not have an insurance cover note, as didn’t know the plate. Got my insurance there and then (Ebike). Rode the bike home with plates on it. Does the fact that the dealers don’t have my cover note mean that (a) the bike’s not actually registered, they’ve just thrown plates on it (and if so, is this legal?) or (b) they’ve registered the bike to themselves, and are now transferring the title, making me the second owner?

Thanks for all the reply’s.

I have bought the bike off Toby (Toby-1-kenobi) today, what a great guy!

I passed my CBT about a month ago, and was looking for a 125 just to get a bit of practice on before my DAS in July. Saw him mention he had a Cg up for sale, so I went down to have a look and it all went from there. I done a quick insurance quote search the following night, and a few more at Tobys place and insured the bike before riding off with it.

Took the tube down to Streatham Hill from Woodgreen and rode back, what a trip
City riding is just the best! (On a CG that is )

Just want to say thanks for Toby for being very helpfull and a top bloke!

“City riding is just the best! (On a CG that is )”

It’s even better on a Ducati…

With you there. City riding is great fun.

So when you getting the Duke

Well see after DAS… The Monster is definetly on the list

How fustrating is this then! I bought a bike 2 months before I was 21 and could even do my DAS and insure it!!! I couldn’t take it home, I couldn’t even get insured until I’d done my DAS so left it at the shop incase it got stolen so kept taking all my mates to the bike shop to see it LOL (yes, I was the annoying but happy, smiley excited little nutter that kept going into the shop).

On my 21st birthday I was allowed to take it out on the road (only with an instructor) and I had my test booked for the next day

With other bikes I have looked at, if I liked them, I called Carol Nash on the spot and ridden them home

Shame that one got stolen after only 8 weeks of ownership too, I was gutted

Much obliged LondonBiker!

I’ll expect to see youon a Monster the second that DAS occurs!

Good luck mate!

You can not ride it on the road without insurance. You can still get it from the dealer though, you just need some way of transporting it such as a trailer or van.