rides near las vegas

aalegado, a new LB member kindly pointed me towards a forum over in the states related to my planned trip to las vegas, death valley and surrounds in spring '09whilst having a gander about i looked at the forums flickr group images, some impressive views, like these (think they are from an area towards south of LV, Goodsprings)…



nice! i won’t be going off road but still should be a great trip sorry had to add this as wellholy crap! i’ve no idea where this picture is from but it looks effin amazing!!! :w00t:http://flickr.com/photos/norsman/1808267329/sizes/o/

I’ve done a similar trip in a car, but to do it on a bike should be absolutely fantastic.

The order may be wrong but I roughly did LA - Las Vegas - Yosemite - Death Valley - Lake Powell - San Fran and then down the coast, Big Sur etc. back to LA.

Have you got your route planned yet? If so, post it up and make me jealous! :slight_smile:

i did something similar but by car, san fran- yosemite-kings canyon park-death valley- las vegas

i went in march and yosemitie was pretty cold!!! a good few feet of snow!!!

there is a bike rental place in las vegas think its calles sportsbike rental or something?

:slight_smile: i would love to do the same sort of trip you guys did in the cars, been planning all sorts of routes on google earth/maps but the trip is not going to be long enough to do SF & yosemite or come from the other direction via LA :(we are planning a 10 day visit to celebrate my brother in-laws wedding, they are french and speak about four english words (most of which i taught them and involve how to insult man utd supporters ;)) so we are going with them as translators

plan so far is 3 days las vegas, 4 days road trip on big f8ck-off harleys into death valley and back followed by three days back on the strip…with the obligatory day trip to the grand canyon and hoover dam

the four days on the road is the really exciting bit for me, my bro-in-law hasnt been on a bike for a couple of years but we’ll hire something in marseille during the summer to get a feel for big harleysthinking of these guys for hire: http://www.eaglerider.comnot especially into harleys for UK roads but out there in the states its going to be just right :slight_smile:my missus needs the backrest :wink: otherwise it would have been a road king or something

we did it in 10 days flew into san fran for 2 days there then picked the car up took about 3 days to drive down to las vegas, we stayed overnight just outside yosemite at a place called ‘grovelands’ then one night in yosemitie left yosemitie visited kings canyon which is where the giant sequioa trees are, stopped near bakersfield for a night, then 1 night at furnace creek in death valley, then a few hours drive down to vegas then 4 nights in vegas flew back up to san fran for the flight home all in all just over a thousand miles.

interesting, sounds like you did something like this:

have added detour via badwater rd back to LV thru death valley
trouble for us is we def want to go on bikes so luggage would be a problem even with saddle bags

this would be great but its too much in only four days :D:

That’s a rider from my2wheels…goes by the handle “H.” He’s on California highway 120 in the Yosemite National Park. The view to the east and what you see in the background is Half Dome. Incidentally, he’s since sold that Wee-Strom and now rides 1200GSA.

If you add this detour…

…you’ll ride through the Mojave National Preserve. On the other side of which is I-40 and a little South of that is the old Route 66. That part runs through the town of Amboy. Near Amboy is an interesting extinct volcano through whose lava fields and steep sides I had the pleasure of hiking in the middle of Summer. Very scenic. Almost roasted the noodle though…made it back to the car and the air conditioning just as heat stroke was starting the affect me. Neat site to see, nonetheless.

Wow, you really are doing it in Harley Style!

I think those bike, when hired, come complete with a black leather/denim outfit and a fat, partially smoked cigar to chew on which stays alight whilst riding. You’ll have to get used to spitting a lot and avoiding dens of gay iniquity or you’ll be the star turn! :wink:

Looks like a superb trip and I am very, very jealous. (Although more than 24 hours in Vegas would do my head in, especially knowing there was all those roads out there just begging to be ridden!) :slight_smile:

I hired a Harley V-rod in 2005 for the day in Orlando,& that was excellent.:smiley:

Your trip looks amazing.

You might check out an offical Harley showrooms to hire your bike. I looked at Eagleriders, but they didn’t have a V-rod to hire.

The last time I was in Las Vegas, we went north and east to the San Rafeal Swell in Utah…it was one of the coolest things I’ve ever seen…to see the very crust of the earth torn apart…and stood up on end…for MILES. I rode along wondering, what kind of truly TITANIC forces must have been at work here to create all of this?!

I’ve pictures at home…I’ll try to remember to post a few. Here’s a link in the meantime…


thanks for the info, damn that makes yosemite extremely tempting now :smiley: will ask my brother-in-law if they mind spending a bit more time on the road

do you think it will be cold on Tioga Pass Road in late April? i assume it will be open by then

yeah, vegas aint really my thing but the others really want to go, the road trip wil be amazing and vegas strip wil lbe good for a day or two max, too much temptation to spend hard earned cash :wink:

that would be cool, thanks

For future reference:

This is a PDF generated (usually) daily by the Death Vally park staff. It’s a status report or park conditions–temps, precipitation, closures, etc. At the bottom it lists the status of certain roads that are commonly used to reach the park. One road they usually show status of is CA-120 which includes the Tioga Pass.

yes your first route looks pretty close to what we did…we wanted to come out of yosemite via the tioga pass but it was not open due to heavy snow and i mean heavy, we had to have snow chains in the car! this was in the middle of march… i’ll stick some pictures up later when i find them…

thanks, very useful info guys

that pass being closed in march is an eye opener, will check but i assume its highly unlikely at end of april as that would really mess up plans and cost a bit in missed motel reservations

a few pictures for you 1st one is where we stayed enroute to yosemite a small town called grovelands its about 4hr drive out from san fran.

then you have the road into yosemite which was pretty clear but they did get worse the further into the park you went, coming out the park we saw about 3 4wd drive trucks that had gone off the road

then lastly the car park at kings canyon those roads were much worse than the yosemite ones. this was all around the end of march 2005…



wow it looks beautiful :slight_smile:

ah bugger, just looked at the park website:


"Winter Road Closures
The Tioga and Glacier Point Roads are closed due to snow; they usually reopen in late May or June. The Mariposa Grove Road is closed; it usually reopens sometime in April.
more… "

that puts the circular route from death valley out of the picture really as we will be going late April '09

this first one is from our balcony in yosemite we stayed at the awanhee which is where the queen has stayed and churchill stayed during the war

next is some giant sequoia trees the guy in the foreground is actually on skis

then at the bottom of death valley looking back towards yosemitie with the snow tipped mountains




yeah that tioga pass scrwed us up as well, you can come out of the park further down to the south but you end up heading back towards L.A which is how we ended up staying one night near bakersfield

some great shots there :slight_smile:

i can see now why many places around yosemite need to be booked up to a year in advance as it sounds like high season must be very busy, esp if eastern entrance is blocked until june

might have to restrict the road trip to red rock canyon, death valley, Mojave and a small stretch of route 66…still it aint a bad route and the weather down there will be great for bikes :wink:

will reserve yosemite for another year combined with visit to SF and wine country