Riders urgently wanted for BBC programme.

I just got this in my inbox so posting it here in case anyone is or knows someone who might be interested.

We need your help…
We’ve been contacted by the BBC who are making an exciting documentary to co-incide with the Invictus Games and are looking to take a team of 5/6 disabled riders through Vietnam on a once-in-a-lifetime road trip.

Candidates must have a motorcycle licence and be available from 12th June-9th July this year. What an amazing opportunity!

We’d be really grateful if you could forward on this email to anyone you think may be interested in being involved.

Please contact [email protected] directly to find out further details of this great project.

Sounds great. I think I’m classified ‘unable’ rider :nerd_face: though :stuck_out_tongue:

what disability counts? I am practically deaf, but perfectly able as a rider and physically all right other than being a touch “fat”…

It’s not clear from the email if they’re looking for able bodied riders to join a group of disabled riders or disabled riders. I’d assumed able bodied but that was a guess. Contact them if you’re interested and ask?

Email address doesn’t seem to work?

everywhere this has been posted it’s the same email address, maybe his name is brand not braund?