Riders' Photo Challenge

If you know reddit.com/r/riderschallenge, that’s what this is. Each post is a photo that meets the previous post’s challenge, and sets the next one.

I’ll set a starting off challenge: “Post a photo of your bike by some trees”

The rules are:

  • All posts are a photo that meets the current challenge and sets the new one; no chat
  • All photos are taken for the purpose of the challenge
  • Once a challenge has gone unfulfilled for 7 days someone can reply setting a new one without a photo
  • You can’t respond to your own challenge (though you can turn up a week later with a better one)
  • Generally, just try to make this good fun. There is no way to win at it.
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Post your bike with a bus

Challenge - that looks like just a tree to me and then you didn’t get the full canopy in ;-(

Challenge to follow

Ok so new challenge, take a picture of your bike next to a red telephone box.

Probably not the kind you meant, but red nonetheless
Post your bike with a boat

I literally have a proper red phone box at work and didn’t think of it :frowning:

Post your bike with a Easter egg

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Post your bike outside a football ground

Wealdstone 1 - Dulwich Hamlet 3 :slight_smile:


Photo of your bike next to a army Pillbox

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Photo of your bike by an occupied Police car

Its meant to be a new photo but @Jay could post an old one :joy:

Or could Rusty claim that. :slight_smile:

Now, now. ORDAR!

Post your bike with an animal

Why is that police car advertising Tesco?

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Budget cuts


I did laugh.

Post your bike with a bridge

Nice pussy :+1: