Rider training in WC1 area

Morning peeps

Got a mate who called me last night wanting to do his full license. He lives in Russell Square, WC1, but has no car.
Can anyone vouch for a training school near him ?

Much love

Notwithstanding the common view of their other services, Metropolis training at Vauxhall have a good reputation.

Conversely, my girlfriend has recently done her CBT with Metropolis - she found their attitude and organiaation to be terrible in every respect. It may be different for DAS I guess.

A school I can thoroughly recommend is Off the Kerb - http://www.offthekerbmct.co.uk/. Run by a bloke called Fred - they are a great school, proper bikers throughout. Up in White City I think.

Go with the recent opinion - better than past reputation.

I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the training at Metropolis actually, although again they were all related to CBTs.

its a sad fact that most cbt instructors are not approved instructors but down trained and working part time for peanuts so you get monkeys lol