Rider Down

Bike down on junction of Farringdon and Clerkenwell Road, blue Fazer or Bandit. Police in attendence but no sign of rider so presume off to hospital. GWS

Hope rider is ok

North circular is closed at New Southgate, apparantly the biker in this one is dead.

Anyone know anything about it?


best wishes



Hope Farringdon biker is ok. Hopefully not needed but RIP Southgate biker
Colleague just phoned in to say stuck in traffic that way bad accident-no more news yet.

Yeh, came on the news its a biker down in that area?..RIP so so sad…it always feels like somethings been ripped from you when you hear a biker has lost their life dont you feel it too? Its like when you go out on your bike again, you think of all those bikers that felt what it is youre feeling when riding?, yet they will no longer be able to do that…kinda brings things into perspective sometimes…always sad news for me tho


Rest In Peace

Nasty stretch that, North Circ at New Southgate. It narrows, you lose a lane both ways at the railway bridge and the cagers are all over the place, people always run the lights as well. RIP mate.

Sad news, RIP

To live is to never die
for once you have lived
you will live on in the
memories of all those
who knew you

R.I.P the unknown biker.


Thats nice Sleeper? Can u tell me if your avitar was a friend u lost as u have RIP and date?