Rider Down - Update

Amazing, amazing, amazing. (defiantly not going to win any literary prizes for that one)

Went to see my mate in hospital yesterday. Was expecting the worst, not wanting to be negative, but ICU units aren’t usually fun places!

Anyway they are moving him out of ICU today. It appears that he has had a miraculous escape. The doctors said that he was as close to death as you get without actually dying, yet he has come back from the brink.

He was very tired so only saw him for a few minutes, but he still had the old glint in the eye that reassured me that my old buddy was still inside.

Amazingly he has no external injuries, other than a broken cheek.

Two lessons learnt here. 1 - always wear the best helmet you can afford (he wasn’t), and 2 - never loose hope.

Of course the level of brain damage has yet to be assessed, but so far so good.

All the best to your mate MM - being moved out of the ICU is always a positive sign… which hospital?? BC2

Excellent news.

Fingers crossed for a full recovery!!

Glad to hear it Mo. Hope he makes a full recovery, but only time will tell, eh. What helmet was he wearing? I never skimp on protection, like you say, you should buy the best you can afford, it can never be too good.

Very good news MM! Lets keep the fingers crossed

A Momo open face thingy. Looks nice but hate to think about how little protection it offers.

Glad to hear he’s out of ICU and well and truly on the mend now. He’ll be back on his own two wheels before you know it, but this time with a better helmet, I hope! The Momos look very cool but even I wouldn’t wear them…

Good news, any idea what happened? Sorry if that sounds morbid,


Cool hope he quickly makes a full recovery

Nobody seems to know. Darryl was going to see what he could find out, but haven’t heard anything yet.

Fingers crossed man!!! Sound like he’s out of the woods tho - bless!


Good news - talk about a weight off.

On a slighty related note, when they’ve finished testing his brain but before they wheel the machine out, make sure they give you a check up eh? New York marathon, London marathon … need I say more?

Yeah, you might want to mention the Paris marathon, too…

LOL. You guys (in an american accent )

2 weeks to go eeek


Best wishes for a speedy recovery

Thank god he is ok. Give him our regards and tell him to get better soon as summer is just around the corner and best biking days are coming up.

Great news Mo! Best wishes for keeping that miraculous recovery going

Not sure his missuz is ever going to let him get near 2 wheels again after all this. And don’t really want to fall out with her over “health and saftey”

Going to take him to the BSB as Silverstone so hopefully that will get the juices flowing again