Rideouts & meets near Rickmansworth/Watford in Hertfordshire?


I just moved to Rickmansworth near Watford from Greenwich, and missing the friendly bikers and country lanes - are there any good meets or groups near Watford please?


When the sun decides to come out again there is a pub in Sarratt near Watford that has monthly meets, a lot of rideouts on here leave from the Ace Cafe which isn’t to far from you really.

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Great, thanks. Do you know what day they meet in Sarrat?

Usually the 2nd Monday of each month (when weather is good) at The Boot in Sarratt, the owners usually post up to let us know :slight_smile:

The Boot at Sarret is every Monday now.

I used to go when I can, but these at the moment a trip to Tesco’s is hard.

Hi Gavin,
I’m in Watford. Theres a monthly rideout from Dunstable Downs thats always pretty good. Its on a winter break at the moment, but keep an eye in this rideout section around March/April.


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I am 5min from Ricki and looking for fellows who like making efficient progress to ride out with.

The roads around here are usually stuffed with traffic or too built up for decent riding so I tend to push out North or North West.

I won’t venture out until the salt has been washed away by the rain though; I chuffing hate grit corroding my bike.

Contact us when you see the Sun emerging and the thermometer rising above 5 degrees.

Hey guys,

I sit at the bottom of the golders greenish area, and often head out that way also. there are a couple of good little roads up that way, there is one near Radlet, its on the second roundabout 3rd exit. Its only about 1-2 miles long but has a sucession of great lilttle bends, you can lead this on to south mims the back way as that is a good/quick road.

But other than that i tend to head out towards tring or dunstable.

When the weather picks up im keen to get out with you guys.:D:D

There’s plenty of places out that way m8. We’re in Slough and often trek out around Berkshire and Herts for a jolly, so you’re welcome to join us. :smiley:

You could also visit Fox’s Diner some time, the roads around the area are nice! I’ve taken a few of the peeps from here on a couple of jollies. There’s also a pub called ‘Englands Rose’ in Postcombe that welcomes bikers and the road from there to High Wycombe is niiiice! :smiley:


Ignore…can’t delete post! :cool:

Hi All,

I’m from Watford too, looking for a bike meet:D

Will keep an eye on the postings to see when the next meet is!

C’mon sun where r u?

im in ‘lutonistan’ but with no bike,i will be gettin a cbr125r next week and i just love going on mindless rideouts around the lovely bedfordshire countryside,not knowing where im going,just going wherever the mood takes me…playin ‘ip dip do’ and ‘eeny meeny myny mo’ at junctions lol

i would be up 4 any rideouts from mid april onwards.



also those watfordites who go to the borough market meet,if ya fancy it ya could head over to south mimms services and ill meet up there and we could all go down together via the A1…would be good if a couple of us arrive in a pack lol