Hi all. Looks like the weathers going to be great on sunday. Any morning rideouts willing to take a newbie novice. Looked in the rideouts section but didnt notice anything. Would love to go on my first rideout:D

just pop along to the Ace bound to be summat happening :slight_smile:

I am planning something from Box when the 125s go off on Sunday.

Leaving the Ace at half 8 with them then splitting up at Box. (leaving about 10)

Alex your a gem. Be at the ace at 8am. Only thing is must be home by 3pm:w00t:

You lot dont no my missis she gets very angry if im not home for lunch:D

So p****d off I have to work on Sunday :frowning: - I’d have been there otherwise for my first rideout too. Never mind - there’ll be plenty of others :slight_smile:

im always free for a ride on the bike :smiley: any exuse to get out riding:D

What you think of this? (More of an event that ride but an interesting one, the more the merrier) –

In the middle of Peckham sits a huge and mainly unused multi-storey carpark. The top 3 level have been closed as it became a dangerous and crime ridden area - that was until Hannah Barry got her hands on the space and for a couple years has put on wonderful large scale sculpture shows called “Bold Tendencies” on the rooftop. This is the 3rd year of Bold Tendencies and the show’s looking good so far, artists are still busily working on the open air roof top, welding, chiselling, painting… revving. Hannah Barry is a young gallerist who shows the work of young artists, including myself, Shaun McDowell. Having used the space and ridden up the ramps to the top on a recently acquired 93 cbr I thought it would be great for a group of us to go and see the show, and further more to ride up to the top and park our bike in amongst the works. We all think our bikes are fantastic creations don’t we, those colours and lines… The sound of just one beast rolling up through the concrete structure was immense and the thought of many machines getting to the top fills me with glee, not to mention the look of a large crowd of viewers as we appear out of the ramp revving with pride having first drawn attention with the rising sound of Hondas, Ducatis, Aprilias, Suzukis, Kawasakis etc etc. echoing through the cavernous building. And of course we will have the opportunity to meet each other and check each others bikes out, and to meet the artists and check their works out, which are always ambitious. So… who’s up for it? So far the plan is to meet those coming from the south at a car park at Crystal Palace Park, off Anerley Hill, leave there 630 and head on to meet those coming from north at the Morrisons car park for about 650, leave there at about 7 and ride over to the rooftop, the multi-storey is less than a minute from Morrisons. The more the merrier but it is probably good to make contact via email as the schedule/plane may slightly change and we do need to be able to keep tabs on numbers as there is an element of H+S that must be considered, there are many sculptures (one of which has low running thick metal cables and would be a nightmare if not noticed) and many people will be up there. The rooftop is really huge but space get filled very quickly with art and its viewers. There will be a “Campari” bar, which will have more than Campari, luckily, food and drink. I know the show will be a good one and all the better for our addition. If you like to come and ride up send me a message at [email protected] and I’ll let you know a little closer to the time the confirmed schedule, it should be a great evening. Hannah Barry’s shows are often spectacular and seem to draw a lot of attention from journalists who are surprised at the ambitious things she is doing, I for one would like to see any shows she puts on and that’s coming from someone who is often disappointed by the rubbish most galleries show. Last year there was, amongst other things, a 30ft metal crane/arm that pulled its self along by digging into the concrete with a huge claw and pulling its ballast weighted based along, screeching and groaning, ripping the top surface, fittingly called “Ripper”. It’ll be great to meet new bikers and perhaps some who will be inspired to go on more rides to shows that are worth seeing, I look forward to every aspect of the event. All bike shapes and sizes welcome!
Here’s a recent event article - http://entertainment.timesonline.co.uk/tol/arts_and_entertainment/visual_arts/article6434119.ece


I will very likely be around too.

keep me posted!


Yep. Checked it all out. Im In.

I’m going Rykas sunday, if you fancy the ride let me know and we can meet Reigate, Redhill or somewhere alond the way. Nice road even with cars

Hi are you willing to take a newbie with L’s on future rides outs?

Of course all LB welcome.:smiley: