rideout tomorrow

me and a few mates will be setting off from oxted in surrey tomorrow around 10.30ish, and going around hever area…

about 7 of us so far pm me if you wanna tag along

How it go 660?

you lot have **** weather up here… (london) left eastbourne around 10.00am in sunshine, nice and warm, got to forest row and it was fookin snowing!!! got to oxted and we were pretty cold tbh. had a brew at my mates gaff, looked out the window after about 20 mins and had to get going before we got snowed in!!!. so aborted the hever run and went to boxhill, then onto newlands corner. when we left there it was snowing again so headed home. was out till about 4.00pm

proper hardcore baby!!:cool:

Top Man!:cool:

I got to pop only for about an hour-n-narf. It was snowing but not cold!:smiley: