Rideout Saturday

This looks like a goodun, details to follow


Looks great

LOL, I thought for a minute there I was going to have to step in with a Public Service Announcement that all ride-outs are cancelled until further notice.

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Who to listen to, Jay or Michael Gove?

I don’t live near my parents, who are self-isolating as they are over 70 or have other health conditions, can I drive to them to deliver a food shop?

It is “unlikely” police will be pulling cars over just for driving, Mr Gove said. So as long as you leave the shopping outside their door it should be fine.

Can I go for a drive to blow the cobwebs away?

“It is unlikely anybody will be pulled over by the police just for driving,” Mr Gove said.

Obviously the correct answer is always to never listen to Gove, who seems to be just guessing.

I’d listen to Jay as Gove is a absolute shit at excuse for human being.


Had an email from Bennetts today to tell me how they’re coping with covid.

Absolutely nothing in it to say “don’t go riding unless you absolutely need to”

What an easy period for the insurers.

Chatting to a friend last night about this, I wonder if those that have black boxes installed will be reaping the benefits on the next renewal.