Rideout Every Friday Night from Cheshunt (Herts) to Ace

So we have been having a bit of a group come together and ride out from LondonMoto in Cheshunt. Leaving from Cheshunt to the Ace Cafe leaving @ 7pm every Friday !!

Tea will be available if you arrive early !

Everyone is more than welcome to come on the Rideout have riders from novice to experienced !

Hopefully see you one friday !

Unit 3 Delamare Rd



01992 638 979

Sounds good to me…i’m up in hoddesdon…Daz

bit of a backtrack for me in barnet but hey I might do it, ride’s a ride! :smiley: If ye can, post a reminder on the Friday so we gets the email, Tnx, JIms

will do :slight_smile:


Just joined. Looking to do some ride-outs and mingle with fellow bikers. Im a lone ranger at the moment.

I live in Ware.

If its ok, ill come along on Friday?


Hi Guys,

We wont be doing the rideout this week as we are going to:


Ride out will continue as normal from next friday !

@Lance your more than welcome mate i was a lone ranger for years and years its fun going out on your own but its also very fun riding in a pack ! :slight_smile:



Just a reminder that the rideout will be as per normal from LondonMoto to Ace cafe @7pm !

abit too out of my way easier just to go ace from harrow to ace cafe for me but i should be there at most fridays :slight_smile:

Hi Seb, got a riding bud from poker going with to Ace tonight - I think he’s Finchley or at least near my neckerwoods. I didn’t ask about backing up to Cheshunt first so it’s a maybe. Either way, look out for us at Ace - blue cbr6rr and blue white gixxer6. Otherwise, we’ll see you at your den :wink:

Hi Seb

Ill come down to you for about 6:30.

Black and White CBR600RR.

As long as it doesn’t rain…


Cool see you guys either there or at ours :slight_smile:

Just a reminder that this is coming up again today !

im gonna be goin ace cafe from harrow tonight i dont know which LBers will be there thou :-/