Rideout - Boxhill - Sunday 14th

Ok dudes, the weather looks great for Sunday so no excuses. Me and Grant will be at Boxhill at 10:30am. Will be doing some lanes and a bit of off roading. There is no rain forcast for the rest of the week so the ofroading should be nice and dry-ish. So take the cover of the bikes check oil and tyres and get down to Box. Pease add your name if you are going so we know who to wait for.


Last week was a bit wet but still good fun: http://www.vimeo.com/9959651

Thanks for the invite. Will let you know before weekend.
I’m still frozen after two days riding this week :smiley:

The time has moved to 11:15 as Grant cant make it to box till then. Let me know if there is anyone we have to wait for.

We will do Herts lanes tomorrow.
Need to save my wets for Swaffham :wink:

Will join you on Panda’s dyno day ride out :slight_smile:

Any plans for this weekend ?

There will be a few of us on Fireblades going but not till 1 ish, weather says rain am!

You guys are brave to ride off-road on Fireblades :w00t:

Weather forecast looks better for Sunday.
We will be starting from Boxhill on Sunday 10:00am :slight_smile:

LOL, we’ll be in the car park stuffing our gobs with hamburgers waving you guys off.

Can I have a go on your super moto please? I realy fancy getting one.

Can I have a go on yours :smiley: No , better not, you may like it too much :stuck_out_tongue:

You can test ride at http://www.thektmcentre.co.uk/ , that’s where I first rode smc two years ago :wink:

Whens this? Doubt i’ll be around but thought id ask just incase :smiley:

That was posted on 13 March 2010 :stuck_out_tongue:
Shame you aren’t here because next weekend its Cadwell motos only track day, shorter woodland section, £49 only.

Was good day, we did lots of green lanes around Box Hill with Hein and Grant :slight_smile:

Oops should of checked the date, lol.

Yeah i did cadwell last time was alrite even though everytime it looked like it was gona dry up it rained abit more to keep the track wet :hehe: