I understand the sun will be making an appearance tomorrow so I’ll be out on my Suzuki. Brisk pace so if you don’t feel comfortable with speed then probably not for you. Leaving 10am Boxhill, no waiting round for people that want to lie in

jamie were of on the dog food run tomorro,and what you mean fast pace on that bike your avin a larf

hmm, poodle pacifying or brisk run?

Daddy or Chips?

I might be insterested?

Maybe we could give the dog a bone then peel of somewhere else?

Whereas today? I’m bored and need a ride?


Dog food run… that is wrong on so many levels I am not going to even bother looking at it. Just want to ride my bike like. Suptoyou. I don’t mind going on me tod but thought I would offer the hand. I know what you are like with dogs Andy after seeing you get a hairy growler between your legs

oh yeah, should edit post to say no old men either Paul

hey jamie theres plenty of life in the old dog yet sunny , by the way next time we use these machines in the way thay were designed i’ll disconnect a couple of leads give ya a sporting chance