ride tracking app

sorry if that was already posted
what app is best for tracking your ride?

l used to use moto rider but its not woring too well these days
anything you can recommend

I use I-gotU device on bars only downside its not ‘live’ tracking you download device to laptop…but its cheap

thanks steve but l want something for iphone cause l dont use pc that much so it would be a hussle

surely a phone one would hammer the battery life ?

No. The trackers I have used on Android like My Tracks last all day. If all you have turned on is the GPS it is fine.

yes of course thats why l got charger connected to my bike, l use phone for tomtom as well:) all in one

well dont go abroad using fone as satnav…cost loads :slight_smile:

Only if you use a data-requiring one; the TomTom app doesn’t require data and so is free abroad, and so are all the OpenStreetMap-based one.

To answer OP’s question, I’ve only really used MyTracks on Android which I’m pretty sure is available for iOS. I tried various other non-googly ones in a particularly hippy phase of mine, but they were all pretty crap.

i use the perellpirelli diablo one

also keep track of your lean angle and max speed :cool:
and its free…

I’ve used MCN ride logger it’s pretty good.

i just recently bought a inforad m1 mainly for the tracker feature but it is also a speed camera detector witch is really cool and for 20 pound cant really go wrong its permanently wired into the bike and you unplug it and put it into the computer to get your route and it records every ride XD

this looks pretty cool I might give this a go

thanks guys l will download few and test it :smiley: l got pirelli one but login failed 5times and l gave up :wink:

it works without logging in, in only found out you could log in last week

Well I tend to know as I use a map. Bit old school but it works for us.

I’ve used mytracks for ages. does everything i need it to.

Obvious question, but you did register?

I logged in first time, just fine. Mind you, I don’t use this app any more, I use Race Chrono on Android to record laps at track days.

Maybe this: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/biketrip/id456866549?mt=8

Haven’t tried it yet , but looks good.

Is this the My Tracks you speak of?


EDIT: Or this one? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.zihua.android.mytracks

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