Ride To Work Day

How many of you will be taking part? More info at MCN



Why not have a read of the article I have just written??


errr how about a dont ride to work day… stay at home or better still ride somewhere else…

i ride to work everyday… the riding is fun but you still end up at work…

I agree Adz, thats why I am not riding to work tomorrow, instead I am off to interview someone from the Motorcycle Industry Association (MCIA)!! lol

When is it? The linked article doesn’t say. The last thing Jackie and I need is more people riding in to London taking our parking spaces!

Just seen the MCN item - 18 July is the answer to my question.

However this seems a bloody stupid and counter productive idea -

“riders will be wearing hi-visibility jackets with slogans like ‘I’ll be there before you’ and ‘Wish you had a bike?’ and other anger inducing slurs for car drivers to read.”

Thanks for the heads up Giuliano…Yep you are correct its tomorrow!

Well i will be out on my bike tomorrow , but not to work as i have the day off …

Didn’t know but did it anyway…

There did seem to be more bikes on the road this morning - but maybe that was because it wasn’t raining!

i noticed that aswell - also less cars

Well I rode to work… then again I rode to work yesterday… & and the day before…

(yawn) Didn’t see any other bikes but then I was running abominably late…

It didn’t seem any more interesting than usual today (other than seeing the bloke I sometimes ‘play’ with on the Milli, stood at the side of the A3 talking to the plod/ambulance guy, with his bike looking like it had been rolled under the white van {also at the side of the road}).

Came in the cage today to be subversive… But going home at lunch to get t’bike out for aprés work h00nage purposes

Rode to work like I do every day, wasn’t conscious of any more bikes than usual but did however have to take a big detour as Seven Sisters Road was shut

Damn ADZ… you got there first! My thoughts exactly!

Was a good turn out at the Ace for the Press Photo Shoot…

Article & Pictures - http://londonbikers.com/news/bc62907c-ab84-4582-9f02-4c2d50d86af8