Ride somewhere 16th June

Anybody around today and fancy a ride… :wink:

Rye Harbour/Hastings bit of grub then if not too saddle-sore MAYBE even on to The Dick Turpin this evening…

any takers?

Can’t do any rides during the day as i’m working :crying: However… will be down the turpin later so might see you later:D:D

dude if i had seen this earlier i woul have tagged along!

if you go turpin drop me a text, i havent been up there this year, i may well pop up:)

Nights tonight’s else I’d give the Turpin a try!

i’m working nights as well tonight mate…
I have to be in the city by 10pm

In Islington for 6pm :frowning:

pukka run to turpin! nice one chenna-it was good to see ya bud, good see keith and few others there:)

cheers mate.

for sure was a good evening.

good luck tomorrow BTW

Hi Guys , nice to see you Tony and ratty , thankyou for the drink too , i’ll have to drag the others out on a tuesday evening … :slight_smile:

defo good lil ride, hadnt seen ya self in a while mate, keep it shorter next time huh;):slight_smile: