Ride outs


Can someone direct me any chats about rideouts? I’m based in SW London and am looking for people to go for an occasional blast with.



There’s a ride out thread in the main page, just hit browse. As the weather improves you’ll see more and more organised. Also, if you’re new to the forum it’s a good idea to introduce yourself. Where you’re based and what you ride is always a good start. There is a regular meet at Borough Market on a Wednesday evening and some usually attend the Ace Cafe on a Friday night. Must admit though that I have not since they introduced the average speed cameras which killed my ride there and back. There also used to be a newbie night at the Ace on the first Monday evening of the month, not sure if that still happens as I’ve been out for a while! All the best. 

Or you could join LMRC on meetup.com. They have rides most weekends.

Cheers guys. I joined in 2011 but have been off the radar. Now I’m back and will forward to some rides.

depends on what type of rider you are.  i wouldnt exactly define LMRC as ‘blasts’.  BCR and CNBR are more appropriate.

I’ve also noticed that they require you to wear an arm-band.   Not sure if that’s for me.

I’m sports bike rider. I’m quick but not mental!

I’m west, but often head south or north. I’ve taken to going places to see stuff as opposed to just riding somewhere for lunch and then home.

CNBR sounds like your cup of tea though. Eddie or Rusty normally post that one so keep your eyes peeled.

Arm bands for CNBR…now thats an idea

I can’t find the CNBR group. What does it stand for please, or am I being thick! :grin:

It’s the name of the ride, posted on here. Chipping Norton Breakfast Run/Ride.

oooooh, thanks

CNBR is a cool ride out. Look out for the BCR too, aka Super Motor ride outs . Both are sweet rides!

CNBR is a cool ride out. Look out for the BCR too, aka Super Motor ride outs . Both are sweet rides!

BCR? Brighton Coast Run?

Bikes Crash Randomly.

Bikes Crash Randomly. Janey
Speaking from experience? ;-)

Be Careful Robert

I’ve binned the bike plenty of times, but not on the BCR.


@ Janey, the track day trasher. :slight_smile: