Ride out - WSB Week end (6-7 Aug) -

Good Afternoon All,

To all the doggies looking for a ride out on the Sat 6th august… party in brighton and then WSB at brands the next day… this being a boys adventure so please… leave the b*tches at home doing the washing and cleaning!

The Plan is to meet up on Saturday morning and go down to the coast. Probably Southampton way. Stop for lunch on the beach. Route is currently being organised by myself and Alex so there is no need to worry… nice twisties and little A-roads are on the menu with the beautiful south coast at the end of it all.

Then ride along the sea front to Brighton for an evening of partying on the beach. Accommodation open to suggestions.
Sunday morning get up and go to the WSB at Brands Hatch- £35/ tickets in advance
Sunday afternoon ride back to Frith Street.
Let me know who fancies it.
Hopefully see then.

The list is growing and cant wait to see everyone out on their mean machines.