Ride out Tonight

Hi guys and Gals,

A few of us from TLB are heading out to Loomies tonight from Box Hill at 7.30pm.

If anyone fancies joining us please feel free to do so, nice summer’s evening needs to be ridden in dont ya think?

Stick ya names down here and Ill know to wait for ya or just turn up and look out for me in my hoody.


Think you’ve picked the wrong night for LB - all rather busy tonight meeting each other:cool:

(as Jetstream says) I think most LB-ers will be at BMM tonight, Burger. Hope you guys enjoy the rideout. Never been to Loomies so I will try to join you next time you arrange this.

Dont get me wrong, I love standing and talking but sometimes I just gotta ride. 200 miles under the belt tonight and not a person on the road to hold up the smooth smooth flow.

Maybe next week?

re post next week dude.

sounds good to me work/weather permitting

Your on, but actually I have never been to BMM, is it any good? Always seems to have a decent turn out, where is it?


It would be great to see you (and Alba?) there. Here it is: