Ride out - Tomorrow 22/02/18

a few days off… thinking of riding south…meet at Box Hill for 09:00… Fish and Chips in Brighton and then along the coast to Beachy Head and then meander back towards Box Hill…

Times and locations are not fixed by all means and can adjust accordingly to suit

bloody slackers on a Thursday… (no, not jealous at all).

As I’ve mentioned before if you want good fish and chips, go to Wolfie’s in Hove. Not a seaside view but it’s much better fish and chips than what you’ll get on the seafront. There’s both a restaurant and a takeaway with a couple of tables to eat outside on the pavement… (I’ve only had it at the latter as it’s normally a quick stop over)

Well, Thursday, Friday and Monday as you are asking :slight_smile:

Head north and I’d be up for a rendezvous

Went out and did a few bikers cafe along the way…



Nice route fella!