Ride Out today??? - West London

Anybody fancy a quick ride out this morning??Possibly meet at Target McDonalds or Polish War Memorial at 10.00 or 10.30, head out towards Amersham / Aylesbury grab a bacon roll and a cup of tea and back for 12 - 12.30ish

Id be up for it. Was just going out. Dont know this meeting place though…

Streetmap link for the Target / McDonalds below

Basically its the third junction along the A40 after the hanger lane /A406 junction (if you head west)

Leave the A40 takeing the slip road and carry straight across the junction as if to re-enter the a40, Mc Donalds is on the left and is very visable , the junction is signed from the A40 as “Target Roundabout / Harrow / A312”

Polish is the next one along (ie 4th from Hanger lane and is likewise signed as “Polish war Memorial” from the A40.

Have a look at the street map link and let me know which suites you best - I can do either, likewise time


cool, Just PMd you. See you there.

Not got my bike now, but if this becomes regular will definitely join you one day!

Great Alex

Look foward to seeing u one day.

If anybody else is intrested we have agreed McDonalds / Target at 10.30 Will check my pm’s at about 10.00

Had I seedn this earlier, I would have joined you you guys.

Franko Nice to meeet you this morning. Look foward to another ride out.


Sorry mate it was a bit spur of the moment when it looked nice out this morning.

Next time I will try and post somthing a day or two in advance maybe in a 2/3 weeks.

Cheers Kev - good roads! Look forward to doing it again sometime.

Thanks for your help with my electrics. After we split up it came back and I struggled all the way home - pushing the bike in places! When I got home I suddenly realised - I hadnt screwed on the battery terminal properly this morning! What at tw#t!

Looks like you had a great day for it :cool:

Shame we couldn’t make this :wink:

So would I, I was at the Ace with West Zed & Quiller! :w00t::w00t:

It looks like but for a bit of better planning on my part there could have been quite a few of us.

I will arrange something similar in a few weeks and post it up much earlier - probably on the Monday / Tuesday in advance (basically as soon as there is a fairly reliable weather forecast).

Additionally I’ll pm all those that have expressed an interest on this thread. If anybody else wants to be pm’ed just add to the thread with “PM Me” somewhere in your post and I’ll sort it out.

I’ll also text anybody who wants - pm me your mobile number - don’t put it in a post on the internet.

For information the Northolt to Aylesbury run is 55-65 minutes each way a mixture of triple /dual / single track A roads, quite a few roundabouts and some pleasant scenery. A 9.45 meet for a 10.00 ride out, half hour turnaround in Aylesbury - just enough for a tea & roll, should see you back at the Target for 12.30 with the rest of the day free.

I also saw what looked like a rideout going towards London on the A40 about 12ish, at least 4 bikes, an R1 and a green Ninja amongst them.

Anyway just to put my 2 cents in, I’d prefer Sundays as I have realised I work Saturday morning! (I was coming back from work when I saw the bunch of bikes)

Alex if youre free on Sunday mornings you should check the BCR. Always lots of posts here.

i’ll you for the next run. like that route

Cor you boys don’t hang around :D:D:D

Which route do you take? I am thinking of doing a similar run this weekend…

Sam --I’ll pm you later with the route.

Thanks mate, most appreciated :smiley:

Hi Kev,Could you please add me to your list of PMs?

I’m a novice on a 600 GSXR :crazy: and would jump at the chance to go on a ride out with some experienced riders and pick up some tips.

Plus I’m local to the area.