Ride out to west somewhere?


Sunday 27th Sept - weather looks great!

Just want to gauge interest in a Sunday ride out - starting at the Ace Cafe, may go Box Hill pick up others, then run along the A272 for a while, taking whatever route I can make up at the time.

Probably not best suited to many riders, as route not Tom Tom’d, it’s in my head.

Was thinking of popping in to see 2 Strokes on the route - see some lovely examples of 2 stroke bikes.

Anyone in?

Usually we would be interested as we go out every Sunday, but we already going on a ride to Cromer this week. Maybe next time:)

fetch me a stick of rock n a toffee apple back jetstream…ta muchly :D:D

We think Cromer is more famous for crabs …

You can get a lotion for those ;)We already have plans Eric but have fun :smiley:

Doh! The one weekend you decide to go for a rideout with other people and I can’t come :frowning:

travelling up to cadwell that day fella. incidentally its the 28th…

Depending on the hangover from Saturday night and what time you’re starting - I’m in. :slight_smile:

sounds pretty good to me mate, or you could come along on the BCR…what time you wanna start?

Sunday is the 28th


Thanks for advice re: date!

Not gonna be early doors - may go for a very 10.30 leaving

2 strokes happy for us to pop by.

Be great to see a few peeps.

Cool, yeah think I am good for a non-early start, Box or Ace start, I vote for Box… :slight_smile:

I could be up for this, depends on a couple of things…

  1. how hungover I am after a Saturday night out with LB
  2. if I’ve got any money left(see above) as pay day isn’t until Tuesday…

I’ll let you know Eric, did you get your zorst fixed ready for…Cadwell was it? :smiley:


Sounds like a plan but I’ve been given a couple of tickets for Brands on Sunday.

I promised Seb#43 and PPG i’d show them my support (ooh er missus:D)

Ooo that sounds like a bit of a plan, eric, how about we pass by Brands?

OOoh OOooh! Just seen this link - where is Box hill? Isnt it near Surry somewhere??? Im in Kent and would love to join - may have to take it a little easy - new back tyre etc but would be cool to head out for a while!

Is summit still hapening??

This is Box Hill, it’s the car park next to the roundabout that’s sandwiched between the A24 and Old London Rd (B2209).

I am liking the sound of this… ride down with you guys E & E but to be honest I’m good with wherever? North Londoners unite :smiley:

Has Killer blown his new can at Cadwell today :w00t:? Qx

looks like its going to be a nice weekend…

Cadwell was awesome - new exhaust system working fine.

See the problem with Brands and seeing 2 strokes, is they are in the opposite direction - my plan is to visit 2 strokes, via the lovely A272.