Ride Out Planning advice

Hi all… so I guess this may be slightly off topic for this thread but wasn’t sure where it would fit better - other than help and advise.

I’m planning a little run home to Wales on Good Friday - I’m going to take the long way round and camp somewhere overnight.

I normally plan these things on my big A0 map of the UK in my garage - but I’m looking a bit more hi-tech this time… any thoughts on software / websites that I can use to plan the journey?

Please bare in mind that I use a Mac - the only proper computer on the market. :wink:


Dont know where you are going to in Wales but the A40 has some wicked bits on it. Plenty of speed cameras in places so watch out. You should be able to do it in one hit as well, its not that far really…!

try typing in to you browser AA Route Finder

Cheers guys - yeah I’ve tried AA Route Finder - it’s pretty cool but the maps are tiny and no good for actual navigation - and the route it’s come up with (avoid motorways) for Lymington to Cardiff goes via Ross on Wye - which is all well and good as the severn bridges are both motorway - but it would be nice to be able to able to tell it to use those…

What I’m after is an app that allows me to put in multiple way points, produce nice big clear maps I can put in my tank bag - and work out where I need to stop for petrol.

I think I’m going to have to go back to my big map, a list of roads and turn points and some maps for the complicated bits!

I’ve decided to do the run from Lymington over Salsbury Plain where my dad learnt how to drive tanks… so that should be fun!

Cheers for the advice.


Try www.viamichelin.com

Well done girl, miles better than AA route finder. Doesn’t take you via the continent to get across England!

You could try


Cheers guys :slight_smile:

This is my favourite if you ask for detailed map it gives you every corner


http://maps.google.co.uk is pretty good and dead quick to zoom in and out on etc

Google is good me ol mucker but i reckon he’ll have trouble getting the Mac on the bike so he can zoom in and out for detailed corners