Ride out pack

Put a post up on this a couple of months back.

Got a decent response with some good suggestions and a couple of PM’s. Seems there are a lot of you out there travel in hope (good luck to you) while there are other (neurotic?) people like me that throw a few bits in a back “just in case”.

Got to admit I’ve never carried “spare lippy” or Tampax but what the hell.

This guy seems to have covered most bases.

  • Tool Pack For A Ride
    Our resident off-road expert Dwight Rudder provided this list to take on a trail ride. It should keep you from having to tow your bike out. Many thanks goes to him for his help.

-Small roll of about 3 ft of duct tape
-About 3-5 ft of safety wire
-At least 6 rubber bands cut from a rear tube.
-About 1 ft. of fuel line.
-6 longish zip ties.
-1 masterlink
-Shop rag
-6" adjustable crescent wrench
-Assorted 6mm & 8mm nuts and bolts
-CO2 cartridge tire inflater with 3 CO2 cartridges
-One standard 300X21 tube ( this is carried on rear fender or looped over your fanny pack belt. Can be used in emergency for front or rear tires.)
-Two 8" tire irons.
-Wrench to fit front and rear axle nuts.
-Allen wrenches to fit any allen head bolts on bike
-Multi bit screwdriver
-8mm wrench
-10mm wrench
-12 or 13mm wrench depending on bike
-14mm wrench if needed
-17mm wrench
-Any other wrenches or special tools that your bike may need.
-Small vise grips with wire cutters
-Dykes ( side cutters )
-Pocket knife
-2 spark plugs if 2 stroke , 1 spark plug if 4 stroke
-Spark plug wrench
-Multi socket compact T handle
-Spoke wrench

What will not fit into your fanny pack will need to be rubber band strapped to the bike.
Moose race pack or Moose enduro pack are very good to carry tools in.

Moose Tool Packs*

Dwight Rudder
7 time ISDT / ISDE medalist

And I thought I carried a bit too much “just in case”. (I take a whole box of cereal bars and the Telegraph crossword)

(Credit due to the American site “Thumpertalk”.)

i’ll settle for my mobile and the RAC on speed dial…


That’s OK if you never leave mobile phone coverage - I remember when Ginger Pixie had a small spill on the first confidence ride to Brighton and there was no coverage at that point to let the front of the ride know there was a hold up.

Personally, I carry an emergency puncture repair kit, a 12v compressor, a first aid kit, including face mask with one way valve for resuscitation and a heavy duty cutter to ruin you best leathers if necessary, and a variety of tools and ties.

BTW how is GP? She must be GP+ 1 by now.

I just make sure I’ve got my CC or cash, AA card, Puncture kit (came to the rescue of others many many times) and phones.

Orla had a baby girl called Cora Rose last week.

AA card and mobile :smiley:

guess i must just live on the edge…

We know what Westie carries in his emergency pack… don’t we Tiggi? :wink: :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

Decontamination suit and a Mars bar.

AA card, mobile, credit card, cash for fish and chips or sausage and mash (depends on weather), extra tartare sauce (just in case) and an extra layer of clothing to squeeze under my leather jacket for the return leg!

oh and my clear visor if its not already on the helmet!

Maracas and a kaleidascope.


Congratulations to Orla! Hope she and Cora are doing well.

im usually really prepared, half charged mobile battery, skip lunch, so therefore usually a redbull and chocolate bar