Ride-out Monday 8th June

Hey all! The past couple of days have been pretty shiite weather wise, tomorrow (monday 8th) is looking decent though, so anyone up for a ride-out starting from the ace?

I’m open to suggestions for a time and route etc etc.

Eeerrrrmmmm…I thought you’d left the UK m8??? Or are we having to get a boat to your place? :smiley:

I’m back on shift tomoz I’m afraid hinny. Have good day though!

Sierra Nevada?

Lol! I was supposed to leave the UK, got delayed a bit! Am leaving in about 3 weeks now. Pity you have to go back to work tomorrow! Give me a shout if you’re about and we’ll go for another hoon-about!

Sierra Nevada!?? huh?

I certainly will m8. Hope you had fun today!