ride it cowboy

hey im wils, im a girl and new to biking, i hope to meet ya all very soon.

big kiss to all and everyone of you.

Hi from another Newbie

hey thanks, i just love it all. how are you? isnt it great being part of something at last?

Welcome to LB, so what ya riding???

Hello and welcome to LB. Come to our meeting at the Cubanas tomorrow

oh i would love that, how much is it to get in? where can i park the elefant?

elefant you mean your bike??? wat ya got cubana is free just turn up

hi flatout, i ride a elefant, but i also ride a yam xj 600 199o bike, and you?

i ride an R1, you have an XJ600 thats two now Ginger has one youll meet him soon enough hope your bike sounds better than his

Hi and welcome to the site, Cubana is our meeting place on wednesdays in Waterloo and plenty of space to park

Hi wils, hope to catcha at the cubana sometime!

thanks everyone, its lovely just being on here. yes the elefant is my main bike. i would like to try and get there tommorrow, but i wont know anyone.

Everyone is friendly and will talk to you

ok i will come, i shall be on my elefant because the xj keeps overheating. see you then samantha.

cool can’t wait

are there many bikers there? do you have any drinking competitions?

Yes people get there around 7.30 which it gets busy but I have been turning up late last couple of weeks so I going to try and get there earlier. When I turned up last week the only two that were jolly were Manzy and Charly.

do you ride the big green bike?

i shall be there tommorrow, looking forward toi it as alwys!! hows the baby samantha?

yes zx12r, what do you ride?