Ride for BMan RIP Rescheduled 30th march

March 30th

Meet at Thurrock Services for a departure time for 10am

£5 donation for Macmillan Cancer charity.

Some of you may remember mike, unfortunately he passed away last Friday after battling with cancer.

Mike helped organise Roy’s Ride about 5 years ago where over 100 bikes turned up and paid tribute to his father in law who was also dying from cancer.

After that mike decided to spend his spare time organising charity runs at Xmas and also along side the Star Wars Warriors that also do loads for charity.

If you are free on this Saturday the 30th jan then please come and show your respect to a fellow biker.

It would be fantastic if we could get 100+ bikes ride for him.

I’ll be there.

Jesus, that was one of the first ride outs that I did on LB. :crying:

are 125s allowed

ill donate either way

All are welcome as the ride from Thurrock services won’t include any motorway. Some dual carriageway but then hopefully with plenty of us going along it won’t be an issue.

You will however have to get to Thurrock services.

That is unbelievably sad news. RIP Mike. Thought of him the other day looking at photos of the toy run - and wondered why we had not heard anything from him this year. A great shock.

What a shame such a nice guy. I met Mike on one of Mo & Gills France trips in 2009 and spent a great week riding with Mike and sharing the same hotel room. :smiley:

I’ll be there.

RIP Mike.


ok, im in.

thurrock svcs is not too far for me

Great stuff.

Ohhh jesus that is shocking news…

I’ll be there like last time…


Just bumping this up.

Come on LB let’s get as many as possible along to this, not only is it for Mike but also for a worthy charity that is Macmillan.

terrible news, i will be there subject to work.

I,ll be there,

also going on the 03/01/13 to his funeral,

meet at TGI Fridays, Baisildon SS14 3WD, AT 1PM,

Ride to the house from there,

then onto the cem;

drinks after at the Dog & Partridge A12 rm16 3hu,

they hope to get lot,s loud bike,s there,


Is that an open invite?

Trackday Junkie (01/01/2013)

Is that an open invite?[/quote

yes more the better

I will be there with a non lb’er on a blade but both happy to donate.I never knew Bman as new to site but RIP to a fellow biker.

If anyone wants to depend from the Ace at 0900 let me know. I can lead.

I will be there. Did the toy run a couple of years back with BMan and am very sad to hear he has passed away.

Kevsta, think we may have friends over that weekend, if not, I’m up for Ace meet… Never met Bman, but would like to pay my respects to a LBer…

Will be there!