Ride for a good cause


Firebladeriders.co.uk is organising a ride out in aid of the NSPCC. A very worthy cause. The ride out is this sunday…

Would have mentioned this sooner but only found out about this today…

Here are the details for those who are interested…


being a white van man with tacky style…i would have went if it was a londonbikers.com ride but …alls fair in love and war…let them drum up their own support and I,ll just sit here comfortably wishing them all the best…x x x x x

I’m on night shifts Sat night and Sun but I think i’m gonna try to make this anyway, its a fantastic cause for the kids and I ride a blade too, perfect

I love kids, couldn’t eat a whole one, got enough to feed a few tho

I could eat a whole one…only if ya ask me nicely …

I’m doing my bit, I don’t smack the little bu**ers anymore (well at sixteen and twenty five they not so little and could probably beat the cr*p out of me these days )

Cheers Mark.

Naughty naughty ABBS?? Shoulda let me know by phone !!! Not sure, it sounds a good one, and good cause…so i MAY just be up for this one!..anything to get out on me bike! (as you know)…are you going on it?

This a good couse indeed! I can’t make it tohugh. If any of you can make that please take some photos fo us!

Sorry blade - only found out about it late yesterday afternoon…

And Barro, from my point of view the rideout is for a really good cause and surely that is what matters… We could do an LB one instead then…

ABBey? we dont NEED to do just an LB one !!! Surely any rideout for whatever cause is all good?? Why does it HAVE to be run by LB only…sod that if thats the case then dont advertise other items on LB, just make it all LB only stuff!! If Barro only wants to go on LB runouts…let him !! dont stop us from going…well it dont stop me thats for sure !!! And Barro…bloody shame on you !! and all that “good causes” you do in your day to day job within counselling etc??? Ya shouldnt have made that comment mate! No feckin hugs for u mate !! (now im mad) !!


Touchdown barro !!!..I love it when a plan comes together…remote control blood pressure rising…no end to my talents !!!..ner ner nah nah nah !!!

Err…nah…not touchdown…nil points to Barro on this one u ol bastard !! (smile) come on now…?

Right guys, I’m on this, is anyone else meeting at the Ace sunday morning?

I will be there around 0930 to leave at 1030. I will only be riding to Boxhill though (not doing the full Brighton ride) as I will be between 2 night shifts and I remember how tired I felt after the Funeral ride

Yep I’ll see you there the weather going to be great so it should be a great day out.

I did think i put something about this ride out ages ago but maybe i forgot just like me, Wife allways tell me i got a brain like a gold fish.

Also i not to sure why but the fireblade web site is down great timing.

Well i see lots of bikes on my way today so hello all

it isn’t down, if your a member you should have an email with a link to it.

Heres it is… http://firebladeriders.proboards43.com/index.cgi

It ended up in my junk box for some reason.

See you there.

Thanks m8 just found it see you soon

So there was more than one londonbikers.com er there to today then?

This was taken just before i got there hee hee…i got there just in time !!! they were leaving to go to Boxhill !! (another place im new too)…anyways…woman in red leathers (tracy)…nice to ride with ya girl ! She can ride her bike…pleasure to get caught up with i must say !! I got caught up with the front runners, friend i was with was behind somewhere…somehow one lot split and others went other way…i met up with Tracy and her other half?? anyways i tagged along with them…and they are the sort of riders i love !!! no peeing about…ha ha…good run out people, shame i missed ya when we left brighton…we got back to bikes and u lot had effed off !! still no problem…we had a good ride home all the same…but i left my friend behind (again)…doh !! Sods law aint it? i came up to the toll at dartford and got stuck behind a van, changed to go behind a car and he came tearing up the middle went straight through on another toll booth and i was still waiting for green light to let me go !!! bugger was behind me all the way before that !! ha ha

It sounds like you guys had a nice trip. I wish I could have done it… Well I should never had sold my Blade… Great couse as well, well done boys and girls