Ride Available - Hottrax Endurance at Mallory 29th March

Hi there is anyone interested in a ride in the Jnr 1000 race at Mallory on the 29th March 2009.

It will be for the 121Ride team See 121Ride - Track Based Coaching .
At the moment will be a one off as we have riders allocated for the other rounds, but you never know.

There will be a team Manager (Me) and various helpers and spanners around to help out on the day. The other rider will be Brendan Roberts one of our Chief Instructors.

I am looking for someone who will fit in to a team and has a presentable bike and good professional manner. I am actively looking for a person who has not raced before and would like to get into racing. The whole aim of running this team is encourage new people into racing in a helpful environment where you are able to get help and advice all the way thru to the race.

Costs will be 50% of the entry fee.

PM or ring me if interested.

John C