Ride across Africa

Had dinner on Saturday with a guy who has just spent 5 months riding to South Africa from the UK with his brother. The whole trip was on a budget with both Africa Twins being bought on Ebay.He reckoned the trip had cost him £4500 in total, (including buying the bike).

Amazing, life changing trip of 32,000 kms. Interestingly the hardest part of the journey was not planning for fuel stations but getting enough clean water to drink.

From never having changed a tyre before they got it down to a fine art of 30 minutes.

One unfortunate side effect was that the guy I was talking to caught malaria on route.

Have to say i was full of admiration for the guys, a type of trip I would love to do, but in reality I am not sure i have the bottle.

Who want to go? I would love to this so much or a Long Way Round trip…

I would LOVE to do something like this i really would… The photo and video oppo’s have got to be amazing !

I’m working my way up on the old touring side. Did Scotland last year and moving onto Western Europe this year