Ridden to Brussels?

Has anyone ridden to Brussels and got any advice? I.E Ferries, roads, hotels?

Ferries yes, otherwise it’ll be a very short wet ride. :w00t:

Dont take ferries take the tunnel…

As for roads ask Busa55 He always liked to take us on dirt tracks or roads that were being resurfaced …lol

As for staying somewhere…ASk jimc he can probably recomend you the BIkers loft hotel Sorry havent got their web addy but im sure jimc has somewhere …lol

We went via Brussels to Dunkerque on the way back from the ring last year.

Dunkerque is a lot cheaper than Calais for ferries on Norfolk Line. I only remember a busy ring road and boring motorways but we were in a rush, sure you could sniff out some good roads.

What do u wanna go to Belgium for :stuck_out_tongue: Its full of Belgians :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

Take the tunnel mo on his off road busa has a great route lots of going around a round about lots and even moving road blockades to pass.

Yes but it does chips with mayo and weissbier, yum

This is a trip to Brussels (or Brugge!) for a weekend, the biking is a by-product, so motorways are okay.

Thanks for the tips guys, I’ll have a look at the train, though I don’t see how they can beat a £30 return for two people on the Norfolk Line, and I don’t much fancy being stuck in a tunnel for ten hours like people have been lately!

take the train…bypass Brussels and carry onto Germany Aachen or Koln much more interesting :):slight_smile:

Lusty and I went last year for the day, and it was £26 return on the train. Straight on the motorway, it doesnt take long at all. Just don’t get caught!!!

Breakfast in Oestend, Lunch in Brugge, and Dinner in Dunkerque. Home at 1am. DONE. :smiley:


On a serious note, I wouldn’t get the bike to Brussels if you’re there on a weekend trip. Eurostar is difficult to beat on comfort/speedyness and even price if you book enough in advance (forget about the bad publicity recently, it’s so rare they have delays).
If you want a nice weekend in Belgium, I woudn’t stay in Brussels anyway, I don’t like it very much. Brugge I’d avoid as well, it’s pretty for like half an hour and then is f-ing boring. There’s absolutely nothing there.
I’d recommend getting the eurostar to Brussels, then get on a train to Antwerp or Gent (about half an hour train ride I think and ticket to any Belgian station is included in eurostar ticket). Both Antwerp and Gent are very cool places and have a nice balance between stuff to do and stuff to see.
PM or email me if you need more details.

Sigh… it was so long ago since I was last there!
Give me a call Jay as I would thoroughly recommend a visit there, it is romantic and fun all rolled into one. You might even think about staying at the bikers loft on the Saturday night (they have live music there).