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Rictus / Mark


Its a complete introduction / refresher on rideouts and it contains masses amounts of information covering preperation, safety, rideout skills and awareness and also covers the different rideout formats and etiquettes (spelling).

Its a very proffessional presentation and thats before its even completed !!

Im very pleased to say that we have a member here that really knows what hes talking about and is willing to pass on this knowledge to us all. He will in the future arrange some dates to address our community and pass on this folder to us in the format of a sit down briefing and after reading it I think Im right in saying that this is a “must have” peice of kit.

A lot of hard work has gone in to this and trust me…it shows…so I trust I can look forward to seeing you all in the briefings in the not to distant future.

(Top Effort there Rictus)

already signed up on the novice ride…

thanks Mark cant wait…

I agree Barro, though its not exactly a “novice” ride (maybe Mark could confirm)

Its for people who want to learn how rideouts should work, so it dont matter if youve been on none or 100, Mark will show you best and safest way it should be done

When is going to be this rideout? I would like to go? is it posted anywhere?

Thanks Barro

Ok for clarification, although originally designated Novice it is for anyone who hasn’t been shown how a ride-out should work properly.

Now Novice (as in to rideouts) and refresher.

Novice riders are generally more open to learning, so would be the natural audiance. (then they can tell what you’re doing wrong )

However, bit like the guy whos been riding for years, then goes on a bike safe course and they point out something that makes his riding better or more enjoyable, you’re never to old to learn.

Something for just about everyone, over 50 year riding experiance behind it (yes I got a bit of help) even if it’s only to confirm what you already know come along.

Most people have an idea how a ride-out works, but even they are working on incomplete information most of the time, so sometime it runs less than smoothly.

The day itself, Let me first say this isn’t a ride-out, in the way most people would think. it’s about learning how it should be done correctly. I and a very expirianced friend will be riding outside the group (one behind and one in front) but neither of us will be the leader or rear marker (all be explained on the day).

Best veiwed as a course day, as that is how I’ve formatted it (don’t worry, there isn’t an exam at the end or anything), but it’s not a discussion or joint opinion, although time for questions has been vectored in.

40 minute presentation breifing at a suitable location (out on the grass at Rykers or something like that).

Followed by four brief ride-outs of approx 10 miles each to demonstrate the methods learnt in the presentation briefing, on each of these sections a different ride leader and rear marker will be chosen and deliver the rider breifing before departure* (don’t worry I’ll provide notes to help)

*It’s been proved people retain more if they do things rather than just listen

the four sections will be broken by a Lunch stop.

On conclution a consolidation briefing will take place and hand-outs of what was learnt.

Please view the thread in the rideouts section for content.

I’ve completed about half the documentation, and have yet to choose a route, this will be supplied.

I’m also formatting a teaching pack which will enable anyone with it’s use to present this information in the same way, and I’ll make it available to LB if they want it.

I’m fully aware that most ride-outs don’t use a proper format, but having more people know what it should be should minimise the chance of it going wrong and people getting lost and so aid enjoyment of group riding.

the first one will be limited to between 4 & 20 people, as the former is the mimnimum to rotate between each of the sections and the latter is the maximum to oversee in a teaching capacity.

However with the aid of the teaching pack, any competent speaker could deliver this information, so if demand is of such; then it can be run again.

Cheers Mark.

That sounds really cool Mark! I’d love to be able to participate on that, just let us know when it will take place and where, when you be ready obviously

Already set as Saturday 1st of July, the post in the rideout section was to gauge interest and I’ve had a few member already PM me wanting in on it.

I’ll start a new thread with date, start & finish times and location, when I have done the work (sometime this week), I’ll add the names I’ve already got and invite PM’s for those who what to participate.

Cheers Mark.

I would be well up for this, but I have the kids that week end. It would have really helped if we had a little more time for puppy to brief us all on the st G run, but we were being chased off the deep mill diner at the time.


Another very good day I’m gonna miss !

Rictus if you do another one, and I’m not working, in scotland, etc etc I would love to do this mate.

I need to speak to you later mate…Pm Sent

Is there a cost for this?

And the disclaimer? what does it include/exclude? Important factors.

i note you have highlighted that it ISN’T a rideout which may point to the disclaimer not being airtight?

only curious…but from experience you understand.

No there isn’t a cost (well there is to me, but not to you lot), and as to the disclaimer, well that’s only there to protect me, from some muppet saying “I was told to” and basically says this is my idea of best practise, if you feel it makes sense then use it freely.

The “isn’t a rideout” means just that, anyone expecting to spend the day swanning around on a motorbike, isn’t going to have fun, however if you’ve read all that i’ve posted in both threads, it’s clear what will happen on the day.

From my own prospective, at the very least I’ll know who won’t let down a future ride-out, they’ll be the ones who have attended.

this is the very best of two expremely experienced long term riders formatted and delivered by a qualified instructor, if I wasn’t doing it, I’d go myself just on the off chance of learning something, but then again, I’m not conceited enough to believe I know it all, a lot yes but everything I doubt it.

If for whatever reason you feel you’re not at all happy with what I thought was a generous offer and can’t benefit from over 50 years experience do feel free not to attend, I’m sure one of those that do will pass on the proper way to do thing to you, unless of course you already know or think you do.

Cheers Mark.

Well…Im impressed with it and I have read a lot already that I didnt know…Im not saying thats a surprise (a know it all) as Im probably classed as an average biker in the knowledge stakes so Im well keen on being involved in the finished artical.


I’m not having a dig, I’m just curious from the training aspect as , and you say your experienced, you must know you will get an individual that will try your patience and if there is a disclaimer then that’s fine…

It wasn’t clear if the disclaimer was for you or the attendee.

I know this as i work with disclaimers in safer rider and we had to adopt and change ours to meet with everchanging climates in litigation.

as for knowing it all, well no, i wouldn’t say that at all.

I’m a Class 1 police rider and have been riding for 23 years and i’m still learning everyday.

and I’m the first to put my hands up to that!!

Having also done the police rider course (although for the Paramedic bikes) and you having 23 years expireance on the roads must make you aware that this is one of the areas that does get neglected, I’ve known people who you would have thought should know this stuff but don’t, why? because no one teaches it, it’s left for individuals to “pick up” what they can.

As I’ve said the disclaimer is to protect me, It’s fairly straight forward, and states it’s my opinion (although well researched, tried & tested over a long time) my opinion never the less.

I would imagine you are in the same position as myself, although I rarely; these days learn anything new about biking, continuing to look is still important to me, when I stop doing that it’s time to hang up the old crash hat.

Cheers Mark

Problem with most rideouts is the few that get carried away with it all…the ones wanting to tell the bigger war story down the pub at the end etc…a few smaller ones spoiling it for the majority.

I wish you luck and hope you get a good (and large) response with this.

As for the learning aspect…my Original Instructor (Phil Curtis) always told me that the day you THINK you can’t learn anymore on a bike, you shouldn’t be on a bike.

And i couldn’t agree more.

Just so guys know, I’ve known Mark a few years now, and when he sets out to do something like this you can bet that he’s put a lot of time and effort into it, he don’t do “shoddy”…

Well done Mark (as usual…:wow