Richmond to Bournemouth...

…on one of the best weather saturdays all year.

Small report;

I dont know about anyone else, but I find motorway riding really incredibly dull. So whenever I have to go down south to see the family, I find ‘alternatives’. The A32 aint bad, guildford, farnham, alton, winchester, but ive done it loads so thought this time I would go the other side of the M3, A30, bracknell, harney whitney, basingstoke, onto the A303, Stockbridge, Romsey, M27.

Lovely ride it was too, the B3057 from A303 through stockbridge to Romsey is a fine route. Sun was shining, very little traffic, twisties and nationals, lovely.

Sweet little pub in stockbridge for tea and scone, then onto romsey. Encountered a road closure on the romsey ring road so had to explore to find a way around - lots of tight roads and junctions, but eventually success and a pat on the back for myself and I was off towards the M27.

TRAFFIC HELL! Seems everyone and thier dog wanted to hit bournemouth beaches, and traffic was qued up from the M3 junction ALL the way to B’mouth - thats about 30 miles of ques.

Foolishly I ventured onto the M27 and it wasnt untill I hit the slip road I saw the traffic.

Next came about an hour of intense filtering. Now I filter alot in london but this was a different story. 30 miles or so and was very wary of the dangers. All went well, tho, let fast filtering bikes through and stopped to ask a biker on the sside of the road if they were ok or needed help - they were just resting and eventually arrived in B’mouth after 2 hours and 40 minutes of riding.

was on fumes when I arrived, got 161 miles out of a 19.5 litre tank tho, was well impressed. My chicken strips have almost completely disapeared on the right of the rear wheel too


Mate tell me about motorway riding being dull - did a 100 mile trip on motorways yesterday (picked up a bike after passing my test) after the initial thrill of a bigger faster and more powerful bike, it was very very boring. Oh well…