Richard Burns died yesterday.

After watching Top Gear, like some of you I was stunned to hear this sad news.

So I’d like to pay my respects to the fantastic young Brit rally driver, and Rally GB winner 2001 Richard Burns.

After a long illness that has plagued him for two years, he finally succumbed.

I don’t follow rally as much as I’d like to (thanks Terrestrial TV), and God knows these guys deserve more respect and coverage. Well, God’s gonna know a fantastic example now.

Godspeed Burnsy, keep it sideways.


What a top driver and from what i’ve seen top bloke.

this is a sad world

teach me how to drive when i make it there R.I.P

He was very very very good…RIP [’]

Yep it was last week.

What a fantastic driver he was, R.I.P.

Someones put together a tribute. See link.


so sad…so unfair…feel so sorry for all those who loved him…RIP

I was so sad to see that he had died on the front of Autosport. All the TV news was about how George Best had died and wasnt it awful (um well yes but he has done nothing of note since he was 30odd and drank himself to death) whilst no mention of Richard who was struck down in his prime by illness. He was a top bloke and a very talented driver who was still heading up.

RIP Richard, happy rallying in the sky.

So sad … Richard was the best IMHO.

R.I.P Richard !

Top rally driver !

Yeah it was the Saturday before wasn’t it. Better late than never eh?

Just shows how much news that and rallying makes in general. You know, the sports that the UK is actually good at. Dougie Lampkin anyone?

Life is so unfair somtimes…R.I.P